Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pink Bag

pink handbag

So this is how it turned out...UGGGG... I didn't do a good job on sewing this handbag. While making it though, I was so excited about listing this bag in my shop. I love the feeling when I receive an e-mail from Etsy notifying me that my item has been sold. Then I enjoy the short walk to the local post office, carrying the sold item and feeling like I am some sort of a woman entrepreneur. So I was hoping that this bag will bring the satisfactory feeling back for me...but this outcome is discouraging me to list in my shop.

My very original pattern for the bag part was fun, but the way I attached the top part was .... a little disaster. Working with linen..gathering.. all the difficult things at all once. Well, you probably can't tell how bad I actually did from these photos, because I made a point of not taking a picture of inside where the top part and the bag part are attached. LOL. But if you personally don't care about the bad looking stitch I did inside, this bag shouldn't be graded that low. Handles turned pretty nice and it should be big enough to carry all the necessities. If you are so kind to feel like buying this item, feel free to contact me (via e-mail). I promise it will be cheap!


Have you noticed the big change on the side bar on my blog?
I spent hours last night and this morning, working on photoshop, trying to spice up and organize the side bar. It looks a little kid-ish, but I like it a lot;) I feel it's now nicer to my eyes, and finally my blog's title "pink penguin" makes some sense now that pink penguins do exist on my blog. LOL.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Granted, I can't see the inside stitching... but based on the outside of this bag, I don't know what you're worried about! This bag is simply delicious!! I love all the bright pink triangles and the mod fabrics paired with the earthy linen. This bag is totally a winner!

    If the inside is really bothering you, can you handstitch down some pretty grosgrain ribbon over the offending seams? As we say in papercrafting: It's not a mistake, it's an opportunity for embellishment!

  2. Just wanted to say the sidebar looks super neat and organised! Love the penguins. ;) As for the bag, everybody makes mistakes, mine probably bigger than everybody else's (I'm never one for "planning" or making "patterns", sigh =T ), but hey, we learn, right? (In my case, no, I still don't plan or make patterns, I just try to wing it better next time. :P)

    The bag still looks cute and I'm sure it's very use-able in any case. Good luck with the next project!

  3. I thought I noticed something different on your blog, it looks good. That's my biggest fear about selling online, that my finished product will not look so hot, but your bag looks great. I love the colors! I don't see anything wrong with it.

  4. Woweeee!! I think the bag is absolutely stunning... Please list it, i'm sure it will sell in an instant! Those colors are screaming spring!! Really, it's just gorgeous. And your sidebar looks so pretty in pink :)

  5. the sidebar looks really great. i definitely like it!

  6. What a great job you do on your blog! I'm very impressed - impressed with your creativity in sewing as well as your ability to shop thrift stores so successfully. I also looked at your very nicely laid out tutorial on the fabric basket. The pictures make the project look so simple and straightforward. You've done an impressive job on everything, and I wish you the best.

  7. Casserole, Aneesah, Billie, Alpa, Tammy, and Anonymous-

    Thanks soooooooooo much for your sweetness! I am feeling much better now about this bag just because you guys cheered me up a ton! Thanks!!

  8. Just wanted to say I like your blog & I look forward to seeing any new designs you come up with!

  9. Divashop-

    Thank you for saying that! I really appreciate people like you who enjoy my blog and let me know that;)


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