Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quilted Placemats Tutorial


These placemats are just so much fun to make!
I hope you'll sew up some too!

Here is the tutorial for making a single
placemat and a potholder made in a very
similar way. As usual, seam allowance is 0.25"
unless otherwise noted. Here we go!


Cut out 26 pieces of fabric pieces, each measuring
1.5" x 3.5". I cut out 4 pieces from 6 different
fabric and 2 pieces from the interesting fabric.


Lay out the pieces of fabric to come up
with 2 sets of panels made with 13 pieces.


Sew them together.




Press seams open.


Now it's nicely flat!
Repeat the same process for the
other 13 pieces.


Cut out 13.5" x 13.5" square from white Kona.


Sew the patchwork panels to the sides.


Press seam open again.


Cut out a piece of cotton batting a bit larger
than the top panel, then cut out a piece
from the same Kona white even larger than
the cotton batting.


Use quilter's basting spray to make
the sandwich nicely attached to each other.
(It's not necessary to use this spray,
but it will make quilting process
about ten times easier.


Now using a water-soluble pen,
draw one line like this in the
center of the placemat.


Just one line should be good enough ;)


Quilting time ;)
I like to start from here to secure the edges.


Then I sew very close to the edge
on the side. I repeat the same process
for the other side.


Then start quilting from the very middle
where you drew a line.


From there, go towards left and right
making parallel quilting lines.


After quilting all the way to the
sides, trim excess.


It looks much better now ;)


Now let's make a binding tape.
You can purchase already-made one
from a local craft store, but if you'd
rather make it on your own, then follow me :D
Cut out 4 strips measuring 20" x 2" each.


Now we'll sew the strips together.
Draw a diagonal line at the edge of one strip.


Sew along the line.


Trim the excess. Repeat the same process
to create one long binding tape.


Press seam open.


Press to make a fold at one end.


Now fold the tape in half and press.


Yay! It's time to attach the binding
onto the placemat. We'll start from the end
that is folded. Align the raw edge of
the tape to the edge of the placemat and
start sewing.


When you are about a few inches from a corner,
stop there and use a ruler and a pencil to
draw a line at 0.25" from the edge.


Stop at the line and back-stitch.


Now fold the tape like this.


And fold like this, making a folded triangle inside.


Then sew from the very top edge.
Do this for the rest of corners too.


When you are almost done with sewing the
bias tape on to the placemat, make sure to
sew about 0.25" on top of the part that you
started then trim excess.
It should look like this now.


I really like the look of binding tape
attached by hand, so I prefer hand-sewing
in this process. You might need to sew it
on using a machine if you are working on
last minute gifts because hand-sewing could
take some time, although it's fun.


Just like this, as I go along, I make sure
to cover up the stitching line.


This is how the corner on the back should look like.


Then you're done :D Hooray!!

Do you happen to feel like making a little
version of it? Maybe a potholder?


I cut out 6 pieces of fabric measuring 2.5" x 1.5"
each and one piece of Kona white of 6.5" square.
I used pretty much the same method throughout
except that I added a little string and
replaced cotton batting with heat-resistant batting.
(I needed 4 strips of pieces measuring 2" x 9"
to make a binding tape for this.)


I like this as much as those placemats :D

Thank you so much for reading such a long post!
I hope you'll make something using this tute
and share your creations in the flickr pool!
Now I can't wait to see yours!!


Have a great crafty day!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Annoucing 4 lucky winners....!


Congratulations to four of you!
I'll be contacting each of you shortly,
but Marsha and Sylvia F, I don't think I have a way
to contact you, so please e-mail
me with your addy.

I want to thank all of you for taking time
from your busy days to come and say hi
for me here. I know I post very infrequently
but you guys are so nice to remember about me.

I'm sorry for most of you who are disappointed
that the random generator didn't pick you this time.
I know it makes you a little sad because I never
ever win any giveaways. haha! But please don't
be too disappointed because I'll definitely
have more giveaways here in the future.

If you happen to wish to buy the fabric instead,
I encourage you to hop over to Cotton Garden, the
Japanese online shop I snatched the fabric from.
A lot of Japanese fabric I own came from the shop
because they have the best selection of unique
fabric, especially a collection of Suzuko Koseki.
I know everything is in Japanese in the website,
which might make you feel a bit overwhelmed
but they do accept a payment by Visa credit card and
they are willing to ship internationally via
Express mail. I suggest that you e-mail the owner
directly and ask if you can buy fabric from
them without going through the shopping cart thingy.
(Their e-mail address is located at the
very bottom of the website.)

If many of you have wanted to buy something from
Japanese-only websites but have been discouraged from
the language issue, I will be happy to make a list of
translated Japanese sentences for common expressions/
sentences or give you templates here. Just let me know ;)


By the way, I have great news for those of you
who love free sewing tutorials like me.
Anna from Noodlehead started this fun
event where 10 days in a row starting May 17th,
each day a different blogger posts a sewing
tutorial that will help you spice up your kitchen.
Go take a look at many fun tutorials
that have been introduced over at Anna's blog.
It will for sure extend your to-make list :D
I'm very happy that I will be a part of this
cool event; my tutorial will show up here on
the 27th of this month and it will be on
the placemat that I truly enjoy making.

Quilted Placemats

Thank you again for visiting here.
Have a wonderful weekend!