Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet my baby girl Honoka!

I am officially the worst blogger ever!! What kind of a blogger takes a whole month to announce a safe arrival of a baby?? I am so sorry for this terribly late post, but I wanted to let you all know that my baby girl was born on July 13th. The delivery wasn't very easy and speedy. I was hospitalized on July 11th with a plan to deliver the baby next day with induction. The induction started in the morning next day, but it wasn't until 10 am the day after that I got to greet my baby finally. (The 29 hours of induction didn't dilate my cervix enough, plus it had been 24 hours since my water broke, so I ended up having C section.) The contractions seemed never ending and I was completely exhausted, but the moment I saw my healthy plump baby girl taken out of my belly, alive, moving, crying, I couldn't possibly think of any happier day of my life. Instantly, everything I experienced - uncomfortable pregnancy, painful contractions - seemed absolutely worth it, and I cried out loud in joy of finally meeting my cute baby girl :)

This is the very first picture of my baby, Honoka Kimberly Mills, taken about 15 minutes after she arrived. She was being held by mom and Joe took the picture. This picture brings back to me the memory of the day, so it has been my favorite picture of her although it is a bit blurry :) She weighed 3986 gram (8lb 12oz) and measured 55 cm (21.6 inch) at birth. She was SO much larger than the average newborn baby here; in fact, she was the largest baby in the entire hospital! We left the hospital on July 22nd and have been happily staying with my parents.

The baby and I are finally going back to our apartment in Tokyo this weekend if she clears everything at her one month check up tomorrow. I am very happy that we can finally stay close to Joe throughout the week soon, but I am a bit worried about my family here, who I know for sure, will miss the baby tremendously.

I will be back to blog about lots of lovely handmade gifts my lucky girl has received so far, including this quilt she is laying on, which is made by an uber talented and super sweet Elnora!!

Hope you are having a great week so far!