Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Iron Pincushions and Sweet Gift


Goodness gracious, I did it again! So sorry for taking such a long blog break 
once again! I have a lot of my recent projects I want to share with you, but
 I will wait for a few weeks to do some lengthy blogposts.  I am in the midst of 
wrapping up my pet project and gearing up for a new venture!
I'll tell you all about it along the way, hehe!


Many of you are so kind to say you aren't tired of seeing my pincushions!
 thank you so much for that! It means a lot to me because I am still very much
addicted to it and will not be able to resist showing you as I make them!
Thank you so much to all of you for snatching up my pincushions 
and fabrics from my shop! I can't begin to tell you how exciting it is for me to
share my pincushions with folks who would appreciate them!
These two pincushions are my most recent
pincushions that are available in my shop ;)

Today I want to show you this pretty pincushion that traveled
all the way across the ocean from Norway!
Isn't it soooo sweet??!! Marit surprised me with a little package with
this cutie inside! I'm loving it so much!!

She was so sweet to use the stamp I carved for her on the back of
this little pillow! I feel so lucky to have a kind friend like her!
Thank you so much, Marit!!

I hope you are having a great week so far ;)
Thank you for stopping by my little blog!


  1. I look forward to your pincushion posts--they are some of the sweetest things, each one so unique! So you just them coming as long as you're addicted :)

  2. Oh, I always love seeing your sweet pincushions!! Love the stamp you carved, too!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  3. Які ж красиві подушечки!!!

  4. Hello stranger! Very intrigued by your new venture!
    Loving your pinnies, and Marit's is a cutey too x

  5. Ah, more pincushion goodness! You can never post too many of them because each one is an aesthetic treat. Marit's is very sweet, too!

  6. i think it's so cute sis...
    so i wanna try it at home

  7. oh nuts! i missed it again! when you make some more email me before they go in your shop! please! ;) xoxo

  8. so cute! I love the combination of the pretty roses from Marit and the stamp at the back! And adore the fussy cuts on your little pinnies too!

  9. Your pincushions are so beautiful! And the present from your friend is so sweet!


  10. As always, such cute pincushions.

  11. Pretty pretty pretty :)
    I love the way you match fabric scraps and every piece seems always in the right place!

  12. these are great! i love the pink one especially :)

  13. I would never get tired of anything you made!

  14. Ayumi, we will never get tired of your pincushions. You make each one very special! Thank you for kind words, and tempting us with goodness in your etsy store ; )

  15. Such wonderful cuteness A! Can I ask what you put in your pinnies? I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to source crushed walnut shells here in UK. Jxo

  16. love them all ayumi! I miss reading your posts and hearing about your adventures. I know you're one busy lady though! :)

  17. Those are adorable! I especially like the "Reference Book" one! :)

  18. They are so cute! Who can't love pincushions =D

  19. I have to smile! :-) :-) Lovely! J.

  20. Seriously cute! Looking forward to hearing all about what you've been up to! Cheers! :-)

  21. The pin cushions and your carved stamps=so many sweet and lovely thoughts. They are all precious.

  22. so so cute!!! Your little pincushions make me smile =D and the one even says "happy" =D Marit made you such a cute pincushion too!! The stamp you made her is just adorable!!

  23. Hi Ayumi, sorry for my absence!
    I adore your pincushions. They each have a story to tell of their own and it is so sweet! Marit's pincushion for you is beautiful!
    Your hand-carved stamps are very very cute and add an extra special touch to your makings! I also got to admire your cherry-blossom pictures. They are awesome! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your spring :)

  24. brava!!! come sono belli i tuoi lavori! e questi cuscinetti sono deliziosi! complimenti!
    ciao rossella

  25. I'm not tired of seeing your work...your choice of colors inspire me. ;p

  26. I say again and again,you're great to create such many lovely kind staff,
    respect your ability!!

    See you tomorrow :-)

  27. Nicke and I were just talking about your lovely pincushions. Nope, not tired of them! Your new ones are so fun! And the pincushion you received from Marit is lovely, too! That stamp is fabulous!

  28. Adorable as ever. That lovely iron stamp is just gorgeous. It reminds me of the ancient communal iron we all shared when I was at college. It always completely failed to get the creases out!

  29. It's always a treat to see your posts pop up in my reader. Happy sewing!

  30. These pillows are so cute! :D Great work! You are very creative!

  31. Just stumbled onto your site. LOVE!!! I'm a slightly-better-than-beginner sewer and would love to try a pincushion and work my way up to all your other great patterns. The free pattern doesn't come up when I click on the pincushion picture. Can you help? Thanks! mariamaberto1@gmail.com

  32. how could anyone ever get tired of looking at your adorable pincushions? i'm always inspired by them. your iron stamp is pure genius. do you use erasers to carve them? i'd love to see a picture of the stamp itself if you ever get the chance :)

  33. so cute ayumi. the skin fabric is perfect. And the fishies in the background, love them. she's going to love it.


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