Thursday, March 22, 2012

Charise in a Basket

Charise in a basket ~318 bee~
 Thank you for your lovely words about the juice and sprout blocks!
Both Penny's sprout block tutorial and my juice glass block tutorial have
been posted at Sew, Mama, Sew!

Here is a block I made last night for Charise for her theme, 'baskets' 
in Patchwork 318: The Bee. There is this really cute mermaid pattern
in the book that I've always thought looks like Charise and
I knew I'd somehow want to include the mermaid in the block for her.
So when she asked for baskets, I immediately had this picture of the
mermaid (= Charise) in a basket lol! I wasn't sure if that kind of 
crazy stuff was right up her alley, but my stubborn mind was 
insisting on the original idea.

It took me a while to find the right solid for the skin.
This one I used for the block was found in the section of
"UV coated solids" at the store, so it basically means the mermaid
Charise doesn't need any sun screen! That's cool!!

I don't know if she is dancing or just stretching or 
possibly trying to stay away from the fish,
but she looks pretty happy in the basket ;)

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. You do such fantastic work! How did you get the name on the block?

  2. absolutely beautiful! your paper piecing skills are incredible! what ink do you use to stamp on fabric? i have the hardest time with my ink not showing up well on fabric. hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo Heather

  3. i really love this block ayumi. i bought charise's chalet pattern the other day and am looking forward to stitching it up. i bet she just loves this block!

  4. I've never been happier. I love it so much. Thank you lovely lady!!

  5. It's such a creative and sweet block Ayumi! The fishy fabric is perfect and I agree with you about the mermaid. It does look like Charise!! Adorable work! :)

  6. So cute- what a fun block with lovely details- the teeny weeny bikini!

  7. Such a cute block, and totally original! i love it!

  8. Its very nice. As always. Such a creative block

  9. Oh this is beautiful!!! Only you could pull off a mermaid in a basket and it looks so cute!

  10. The prettiest mermaid, ever... think she will have lots of admirers

  11. WOW Ayumi, she's awesome! To me she looks like she's doing a karate pose or something LOL...

  12. I love your sensibility so much!

  13. hello, I made a port / fork using your tutorial and wanted to thank.
    When can a hop in my blog to check it out.
    You wait,

  14. !!!! so cute ayumi. the skin fabric is perfect. And the fishies in the background, love them. she's going to love it.

  15. That is the cutest basket block ever. Lucky Charise!

  16. que,lastima que estes tan lejos,gracias por compartir,feliz semana

  17. Beautiful design. How many hours do you spend to make this?

    1. Thank you ;) I probably spent about a few hours, mostly spent time on picking out fabrics ;)

  18. Seriously cute! And those juice bar quilts are adorable!

  19. It's so fun! I'm sure Charise loves it!

  20. Im even liking it. I wanna have that.

  21. That's awesome! I love how you placed the fishies perfectly! :)

  22. Hello Ayumi!! Your blog is wonderful! Lovely "Charise"!! Thanks for all your tutorials, i think i will try some of those beautiful proyects. Hugs from Italy.

  23. You have such imagination Ayumi and a fab sense of humour! Great basket!

  24. I love the fact that the sewing machine looks somewhat faded -- it gives it a "vintage" look -- could it be that the "ink" is not sufficient for the binding tape -- but then you may not see the detail of the stamp if it is smudged. Maybe holding it down longer?
    I think it's a great idea, particularly since you can customize your projects with your own stamps -- thanks for sharing - Terry :)


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