Thursday, December 8, 2011

ABC House Block

House Bock for Leila ~318 Bee ~
Hi all! So sorry for the longest absence ever on this blog! 
I have been sewing a lot recently, but I don't have very many projects
I can talk about at this moment! It's the time of the year with a lot of
secret projects, right? Anyways, I am so glad to be back today with
this block I made last night for Leila for Patchwork 318 bee. Leila chose
"Home Sweet Home" as her theme in November. In this bee, we use
Kumiko Fujita's Patchwork Pattern 318 book and our own stash 
to create blocks. This block is sort of a combination of 4 block
patterns in the book - a house pattern and three alphabet (ABC) patterns.
I saw Kumiko Fujita's work just like this in a quilt magazine at the
library and was so inspired to make one just like hers.

Here is how it looks like with seam allowances.
I remembered Leila mentioned she finds quilt inspiration in song lyrics here
so when I spotted the musical note symbol fabric in my stash, 
I knew immediately it must be used for her block ;)

Speaking of Kumiko Fujita, I had such a great opportunity to 
meet her in person at the International Quilt Week held last month
in Yokohama, Japan. Here is us in front of her quilt she made for her 
grandson - so so so cute!! (You can have a little virtual tour and see her and 
her students' works exhibited at the festival in this video.)

Meeting my super star in person - Kumiko Fujita

She was an absolutely amazing person - so kind, humble, and funny!
She had no idea that her books (unfortunately out of print) and fabrics have inspired
so many of our sewing/quilting styles overseas. I told her that her Patchwork Pattern 318 
book is especially popular that it is sold really expensively due to its rarity value.
She said she feels terribly sorry for all of you who had to pay a lot 
to snatch a copy of the book and also for those of you who have yet to spot a copy.
According to her, the popularity of patchwork in general has declined 
dramatically in the past three decades in Japan so that there are less and less
patchwork/quilt books available here. Would you say the situation is completely
other way around in the US? I feel that there are more and more patchwork
books introduced nowadays in the US. Maybe some of you need to
move to Tokyo for me so that we can start a modern quilt guild here, ya?

I have a lot of things I want to talk about on my blog, but it's
time for me to go now! Thank you so much for coming back to my blog after
such a long break ;) I hope you are having a great holiday.


  1. I eagerly await all of the sweet little blocks you post - you're such an inspiration! As long as you keep coming back and sharing with us I think we can forgive your absences here and there :)

  2. the best block ever! Can I please have a little of your creativity?

  3. how nice that you`re back, great block!!!

  4. lovely as usual! :) so happy you are back and that you met the legend! ;)

  5. You are so adorable standing humbly beside Kumiko. I hope she realizes how talented you are too!!! I am super happy for you that you got to meet. Maybe it will encourage her to have her book reprinted! Your ABC house is just perfect, Ayumi.

  6. I can not get over how perfect your house block is Ayumi!! My heart skipped a little beat when I saw my name under it. I love it to bits, thank you!!
    You look adorable in the photo with Kumiko. I am so happy you got to meet her and tell her how much of an inspiration she is to us all!!

  7. I'm constantly looking forward to reading your new posts, seeing finished projects and drooling over them.

    How exciting it must have been to meet a quilting rock star/idol! Congrats!

    As for patchwork books here in the US, it seems there's a new one being released so often than I can hardly keep up.That is a shame its popularity is declining in Japan because as far as I've seen on books, magazines and even quilt shows Japanese patchwork is spectacular! Their use of print and color combos and whimsical patterns. The ones I've seen in person were hand-pieced and hand-quilted. How amazing is that? Very different from quilts I've seen here in the US.

    Looking forward to more exciting news in the future!

  8. What a sweet block! It's good to have you and your inspiring work back :)

  9. That block is such a such fun, it truly does sing! I find the patchwork decline in Japan so sad- I look to my Japanese books most of all for inspiration, I could read ABC, 318 and Quilter's studio a thousand times and always find something new

  10. Ayumi-san♪
    Hello!I like your blog,,,so lovely :)
    When i see many cute sundry(?) goods at the shop,i always remember of you!!

    Have a nice weekend☆

  11. Love that block, great combination of fabrics. And nice to meet such a great author too, such a shame the art is declining in Japan

  12. Yay, you are back!

    A house to learn your ABC. Clever.

    I'm sorry to hear that patchwork is decreasing in Japan, we all love the Japanese style so much. Perhaps you could suggest to that lady she writes one and submits it to a US publisher. The Stitch magazine people might help her to get a translation? Or you could co-write with her ;-)


  13. Really great ABC block, Ayumi. I'm glad you're back. I'd like to thank you for your great tutorials, very helpful for beginner sewer as I am.
    I made a few project based on them. Have a great time. Greetings from Slovakia. Renata

  14. Welcome back, Ayumi! I'm happy because of this! In Brazil, patchwork is more and more usual. There are more magazines and books nowadays. xoxo

  15. Welcome back!! That's interesting about the decline of patchwork in Japan, I wonder why that is - so sad, when all of us enjoy their work so much! I love your ABC block, it is so amazing (as always!)! I hope you're having a great holiday season so far!

  16. Hello! It's so nice to see what you have been up to. I've missed you but know that this time of the year, between being super busy and creating gifts, it's hard to blog! Your block is a great example of the fine work you always do!

  17. I love you block Ayumi! It's so cute! And I love the picture with you and Kumiko!! It's strange how there are so many patchwork books here in the states and so few in Japan. Maybe it will inspire Kumiko to write another one =D I can't wait to see your secret projects :)

  18. Hello stranger!
    That is a beautiful block for Leila, and I love the cute pic of you and Kumiko Fujita.
    I would love to come live in Tokyo, but think my hubby and kids might miss me (when they got hungry and ran out of clean clothes!) x

  19. Welcome back!The block is wonderful.

  20. Your newest block is awesome! I always love seeing your creations, Ayumi! And how amazing to meet Kumiko Fujita. I would definitely agree that patchwork is pretty huge in the US right now, with book releases coming faster than we can comprehend!

  21. i adore your new block!. you should write a book ! to inspire us all, you do every time you post it on your blog. i know there are a few others out there you could collaborate with......

  22. Hi Ayumi, so nice to see you with your favorite author :-)
    What can I say about your adorable block. Just as stunning and pretty as all of your works. Happy Holidays!!

  23. Hi Ayumi!!!...
    It's so good to see a little peek of what you've been usual, it's so adorable and inspirational. I love the music notes fabric as the background:)
    Your fabric selection is always perfection.
    Im hoping that your telling Kumiko about her popularity here in the US will inspire reprints or publishing with a US the look so cute in the photo:)
    I have no doubt that your secret projects are going well!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Ayumi!!!

  24. So nice to hear from you again! Reading your posts always puts a smile on my face. Have a nice break and looking forward to seeing what you have been sewing!

  25. Sweet block Ayumi! Like the US, here in UK p & Q is having a resurgeance, thank goodness! Perhaps one day it will make a comeback in Japan, and perhaps the west can return the inspiration to Japan. Jxo

  26. Your ABC block is lovely and awesome! I think it's fantastic that you got to talk with Kumiko Fujita. Thanks for telling us what she said; she sounds super nice! I didn't expect her to be so tall... :D

  27. I missed your posts! Hope you are settling in nicely.I even found that little Pink iron you have online.
    Merry Christmas to you Both!

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  29. I love your blog and all your work. So pretty. You have made me want to get lots of pretty Japanese fabric. IF I were to get my hands on the special 318 patchwork patterns by Kumiko Fujita, I was wondering how do you use it? I can't seem to find anywhere saying how you use the patterns.

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