Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sew Cherry Love


So you all know this cutest fabric line, Sew Cherry
by a super talented textile designer Lori Holt by now,
right? When I first saw this line, which I believe was in
the pictures of Lori's booth at the Quilt Market a few months ago,
I almost passed out. I thought, "Gee why do I have
to find out about such pretty American fabric coming
out when I am about to move out of the States?!"
Lori was so super nice to surprise me with a package
full of her fabric, patterns, and other goodies
which arrived just a few days before my flight to Japan.
You know I went insane absolutely!


I can think of so many things to make with these fabrics,
but for now I want to focus on small projects using them
just so that I get to enjoy seeing the lovely stash
in my fabric shelf for quite some time. I made these cases
this morning to..


organize inside a drawer in my tiny kitchen.
But while shooting some pictures for this post,
I started feeling that maybe these should be
used like this for the dining table (which we don't
have yet; therefore, they are on the floor lol).


Wouldn't it be sort of a lovely way to have a silver set
on the table when your friends come over for lunch or so?
I hope my friends will say "Oh where did you buy these cases?!"


You'll see a lot of Sew Cherry in my projects! One
of them would be a curtain for my craft room.
(For now, we have craft paper covering the window. lol)

Sew Cherry can be found at lots of online fabric
stores, but Lori has a great list of the stores
in the right bar on her sweet blog :)

Here are some of my new listings in my etsy shop :)





I'll be out of town until next Tuesday, so all orders
placed by then will be sent out on Wednesday (17th).

Thank you so much for those of you who snatched
fabrics from my shop :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I already said this on flickr but I have to say it again.
    I'm so in love with these tiny cases you made.
    It's such a unique idea to make your own cases to keep your drawers tidy !

    But you are right they are to cute to hide these in your drawer.
    I f I would come for dinner I would definetly be blown away by these cuties !!!

    I really need to go to your shop next month when all the wedding expesenes are done !

    waving from germany,

  2. is there any tutorial on the fabric organizer??

  3. Love those cases, much nicer than plastic, but mayber too nice to hide away.

  4. You have such a great eye -- those drawer organizers are adorable!

  5. Love that you are using "Sew Cherry"!
    I can't wait to see everything that you make with it - I have a fat bundle just waiting to used!
    I really loved all the fabric and cute things you sent Lori - beautiful!

  6. Adorable! You should definitely have them out on full view! Jxo

  7. Those are just too sweet! and a great idea!!

  8. Oh my! I think I'm in love with those little fabric trays. Beyond gorgeous!

  9. Love the cases, but I could not hide them ;) Adorable fabrics.

  10. Love the fabric, but those little cases are FANTASTIC! What a clever idea, and you're right, they would be absolutely gorgeous sitting with the cutlery at a party or gathering...

    Is the pattern one of Lori's, or did you make it up yourself? I would be massively grateful for a tutorial :)

  11. These are just as cute and practical as can be. How clever you are! Hope you're getting all settled in after your big move.

  12. these are great! love the cheery fabrics too :)

  13. Love your fabric trays! Such a wonderful idea.

  14. Beautiful Fabrics by Lori- such fruity designs and I love the colours- I will be looking out for them in the UK. The cutlery trays are a great idea!

  15. Do you have a pattern or a tutorial for those cute organizers. That are awesome. Love the fabrics you used.

  16. your cases are so beautiful! i made a similar case some time ago to organize chopsticks in my kitchen's drawer. i didn't make any afterwards, so my forks, knives and spoons are all lying messily in the same drawer next to the chopsticks haha!!

  17. Lori sent me!!!! I love your projects! They are so great! I would love to make some of these little cases they would work perfect in my daughter's room for some of her little toys and dolls!!!

  18. I am sure Lori is so proud of how you use her fabrics, the drawer liners are a great idea..especially on the table for individual table settings..they would be wonderful for BBQs too!

  19. love all these fabrics, either american one or japanese's so beautifull...^^ and your small cases...

  20. oh gosh ayumi! these are adorable! totally cute and I love that they are so perfect for in your drawer and on the table (even if you don't have one yet)! sew cherry is such a cute line, might have to snag up some more of it, it's always fun to see how the different prints work together. :)

  21. I love your Sew Cherry organizers! How fun for you and Lori to be able to swap some goodies...I saw the amazing things you sent Lori over on her blog. Wouldn't you two have fun sewing together someday?!

  22. I love your organizers!!! I was just thinking that I needed to sew some the other day when I noticed our silverware drawer was getting out of control! Such a fun and cute project!!! You should keep some out though...the fabrics you used are too cute to hide!!

    I'm loving the fabrics in your Etsy shop! I may have to grab some before they are all gone =D

  23. I can see myself making a cute organizer like that to hold my silverware when I go to restaurants. I hate placing my silverware directly on the table. Sure a napkin would work but your little cases are so much cuter!

  24. I love those little containers! I think they would be great for picnics too!

  25. Ah, if I did not live with a bunch of slobs, I would make myself some fabric baskets like this for all our silverware! However, I may have to make some for my make-up drawers!

  26. Ayumi...the fabric baskets are adorable!...what a great idea. It's so fun to see them made up in Sew Cherry:)
    Even with limited space it's so fun to be able to sew cute things for every little nook and cranny! them.

  27. oh now i know what to do with my stash! thanks Ayumi for the great idea!

    have a nice day!

  28. adore your fabric containers! the organizer and fabric lover in me is jumping up and down. I've been meaning to make your baskets too. You've inspired me to give that a try again!

  29. These are so stinking cute. I saw a similar pattern with little leather handles that I've always wanted to make (but could never find leather). These are even cuter. And your strawberry kokka fabric is killing me. So cute.

  30. More adorable fabrics from you! These are really pretty.

  31. Very lovely! I think those fabrics you listed are amazing. However, gone when I went to look on etsy. Just as well, I am in the midst of a de-stash and should not be working at cross purposes. Cheers!

  32. preciosos,hacen limpio y dara gusto habrir los cajones,daludos

  33. I'd love to purchase some of the sewing machine fabric from you, will you be putting more in your ETSY shop? Also, will you have a tute for the cute organizers? SEW adorable!! xo, Nan

  34. oh my, ayumi! those are the cutest little baskets and perfect for organizing. thanks for the link to lori's blog. it's too cute. i have 3 of the sew cherry prints and i'm using them sparingly because i ♥ them.

  35. Like everyone else, I love the organizers & am hoping you will post a tutorial soon!

  36. Ditto on the organizers they are smashing...I also hope for a tut soon...Love the Sew Cherry fabric

  37. Hallo,bin durch Zufall auf deine Seite gest0ßen und bin total begeistert :O) komm mich doch mal besuchen
    LG Tanja

  38. Hi Ayumi, these fabric trays are lovely. Hope you will make some for your shop.

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  40. I love your drawer organiser so much!



  41. those little fabric basket organizer things are adorable. i like the quilting you did on them.

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  46. Sew cherry fabrics introduced by Lori Holt. It’s really beautiful and pretty. Sew cherry always introduced good things I already have a four baskets I bought it from the online fabrics stores of Sew cherry. The Cases for spoon are really awesome I will definitely buy it.

  47. That is some awesome and useful information right there. I cannot wait until the little people go to sleep so that I can concentrate and work some of this stuff out.

  48. Oh please, oh please do a tutorial on these cutie cases! I tried to make one and's a bit deformed and saggy. I'm in charge of presenting a useful craft for my little sewing group in May 2012. This looks perfect! Perhaps you will sell the pattern?? Either way, I am grateful for talented people such as you, because I love this stuff.


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