Thursday, June 16, 2011

Frappuccino in three flavors

Ringo Pie Block for Marit

Thank you so much for all of you who have decided
to submit a block for the Tokyo Quilt Festival to
be held in January next year. Also, thank you for
those of you who helped me spread the word about it.
It looks like I will be looking for over 50 blocks
at the festival so far! How Fun!!! If you are still
debating whether you should do it or not, I hope
you'll decide to join! We've got over 2 months to
make just one block if that sounds more doable :)
I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

This is a block for the Ringo Pie Bee I just finished
today. Marit wanted her blocks to have a summer theme.
"Lemonade" was the first thing that came across my mind
and then later a "Lobster", but when I saw a super enticing
ad of frappuccino at Starbucks the other day,
I immediately knew that I was going to make a frappuccino
block instead. (Sure, I love food too much!) I asked Marit
what her favorite flavor is among 1) coffee, 2) strawberry, and
3) green tea and she picked strawberry.

Ringo Pie Block for Marit

Mine is most definitely green tea! My friends often make
fun of me for liking green tea frappuccino/green tea latte
at Starbucks too much. I know Starbucks' green tea frappuccino
doesn't come with green tea syrup on top of cream like this,
but it would be really cool if it did.

I don't know if it's just me, but this block makes
me feel nostalgic for some reasons. I feel like
watching a movie from the 50's or something tonight
but oh no I have to start packing really bad!

We finally bought tickets to leave for Japan on June 27th.
I have such a mixed feeling about this move. It's going to
be really awesome to move to a place I have friends and family
waiting for us. And I have pretty good knowledge of the city in
Tokyo we are moving to, which makes me feel good. But I think
I'll miss my friends and my family in law here so, so, SO MUCH!
I'll miss this apartment we lived for three years.
I'll miss this wonderful weather, the beautiful, clear sky in
California. I'll miss American fabrics (Luckily there seems to
be a quite big fan base of Japanese fabric, so hopefully I'll
sweet talk some folks into fabric swaps, hehe.)
And luckily, all my close friends have promised me to
come to visit me in Tokyo soon, including one of them
who I'll see in just one week and Tamiko who I'll see in
January!) so that's making me feel better to think like that.

Ok time for me to start packing some more!

Thank you for stopping by :)
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. So darling. I could use a mocha frap right about now. I love the small intricate detail you added on the sleeves.

  2. Count me in on the fabric swap!!! Love this block!

  3. I can't believe how completely amazing this block is Ayumi! You are the master of cool blocks!

  4. You are should write a book on how to do this kind of piecing. I have no idea where to begin. Good luck with your move, that sounds like a lot of work, and goodbyes are so hard.

  5. That block is gorgeous! I especially love the little decorations on the cup cozies. I hope one day I can make such neat blocks!

    Good luck with your move! I'd be happy to swap fabrics, too. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, this block is just too cute! Good luck with your move.

  7. your blocks are always amasing!!! good luck with the packing:)

    p.s.i didnt comment on your previous post but i am definitely joining in the quilting :) such a great idea

  8. You know I think your work is amazing. Now, you will be beginning a new chapter in your life and I have no doubt it will be wonderful!
    You also know I will swap fabrics anytime!

  9. I really don't know what to say Ayumi, you are just flying now in this bee - this is just another completely beautiful block and just makes my jaw drop in awe and admiration - between this and Penny's car and caravan, the talent blows me away. I will be thinking of you Ayumi on 27 June when it's chaos and moving madness - I am sad for you at leaving and happy for you that you are going home. And don't forget that date we have with a wheelchair at the Tokyo Festival in a few years' time.

  10. Hi Ayumi..another deliciously georgeous block! Your leaving date is coming around so'll be closer to me on this side of the world actually so I am sure you'll be able to shop online like I do for American

  11. Amazing block!! I love these type of creative blocks. Do you paper piece it?

  12. Ayumi you are beyond talented!!! The things you come up with are absolutely stunning each and every block keeps getting better and better. It's amazing to watch :-)

  13. Oh Ayumi, I feel all sad, like I am going to miss you so much, but of course, you'll be as close as always, right here on your blog, so I don't know why I feel that way! It's coming very soon. I hope that your friends throw you and Joe a wonderful party to say bon voyage.

    As ALWAYS, your block is just so ridiculously amazing it's hard to really write about it. You are such a talent. Really, really.

    Good luck with the next two weeks.

    P.S. you should see the label Berene embroidered - it is gorgeous. Our quilts are almost ready to send to Japan. Thanks for your help/advice.

  14. wow Ayumi - this is amazing! I am just in awe! And good luck on your move...and you know we will all be willing to send you fabric :-)

  15. Oh my goodness that block is so stunning!! And I am excited for your move! Going home is always good, and maybe it is au revoir rather than adieu to USA

  16. What a perfect little block - it is such fun.

    All the best for your huge move, look on it as a big adventure and a new chapter........thank goodness for blogland.x

  17. That is a very gorgeous block! You are so talented and inspiring! Good Luck with the move.

  18. Oh, they are amazing! More tempting than real frappuccinos! You are amazing!
    Ayumi, wish you a pleasant move... I hope you are settled in your new home comfortably in no time :)

  19. I've been reading your blog for a long long time and want to send best wishes on your move.

  20. Ayumi! Leave it to you to make such an amazing whipped cream topped drink! Don't tell me you pieced those straws too.

    I know the move to Japan is a good thing and something you wanted. All of the emotions are normal and a part of your journey. Thanks to your blog, we will always be as close as we are today.

  21. very cute!
    good luck with your move :)

  22. What a beautiful block! I'd love to hear more about you technique in coming up with/assembling these cute little scenes! Best of luck in your move!

  23. I love your block. Good luck on your move!

  24. That's adorable!!!!!!!
    It's funny how you'll miss American fabrics - because when you said you were moving to Japan my first thought was "lucky! she'll living among all those gorgeous Japanese fabrics!"

  25. Beautiful block, as always. Good luck with as you pack and move - what an exciting new chapter! And you know me - I'm always good for a swap. XOXOX

  26. Without a doubt, that is the cutest darn block I've ever seen! You're amazing to be able to come up with a pieced block like this in addition to having to move. All the best to you & yours!

  27. i love this! I so wish I could do this. I know how to sew, but I've never really dabbled in quilting. Something I'm dying to figure out!

    - Sarah

  28. it is beautiful how clever to think of it :)) good luck with your move.

  29. Your level of cleverness ASTOUNDS me!! Bravo :-)

  30. Stunning once again Ayumi! Thinking of you and your move and hope it goes smoothly. Glad you will have some friends that can come visit. :)

  31. Goodness, your head must be in a whirl. I do hope all goes well on the 27th. It is a big move, but it's a small world now in so many ways.
    I am in absolute awe of your skills. I hope one day I could make a block, but I will need a lot of practise first. This one is stunning.

  32. Absolutely amazing!!!'re talent is beyond words Ayumi:)
    The block looks very vintage to me also...maybe that's why I love it so much.
    I also had to smile when I saw that you used some Sew Cherry fabric:)...really fun for me to see.
    Good luck with your move. I understand how you feel but I know it will be an exciting thing for you and afte rall...blogland is still in the same place. ...and I am one who would love to trade American fabric for Japanese!
    Again...absolutely amazing block:)

  33. ALWAYS AMAZING! I am constantly inspired by your work. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Good luck with your move, Ayumi!!! I moved from the US back to Asia after 14 years in CA, to be closer to family. I can understand it's a big move literally and emotionally. And new changes and challenges for you and dear Joe. (I loved the pic of him dumping your fabric scraps on his head!!) Best wishes! Know that many friends are sending you their love and support!! -- Evonne

  35. I'm going to miss you too! It's going to be so weird not having you around. We're already looking forward to seeing you and Joe in January.

  36. sooo lovely!! ^_^

    nihon tanoshinde kudasai ne~!!

  37. You are very talented, very cute block. Best wishes as you get ready to go to Japan.

  38. Best of luck for your new like in Tokyo!!! Keep us informed through your web, and if you ever need any fabric from the US, let us know. I am sure a lot of us will be able and happy to send you some. Ciao

  39. omg this is so so cool! You're ever so talented!

    best wishes with your move to Japan!


  40. awesome block, girl. you outdo yourself every time!!! best wishes for a safe and easy move xoxo amy

  41. All the best Ayumi. The 27th ain't far away!!! Beautiful block too :)

  42. Oh you amazing woman! Frappuccinos? LOVE IT. I'm a sucker for the Chai frapps with soy :) Good luck with your move, I'm sure everything will go smoothly! *hugs*

  43. Frapuccino...brilliant!...good luck with your move...
    We would love to exhibit our handpainted buttons at the quilt show in Tokyo....if you know anyone we could contact it would be so helpful...

  44. Congratulations! Your blog is fantastic!
    I love their work.
    I hope your visit to my blog

    kisses Sara

  45. This is just too cute. I love your blog and all of the fabric you use.

  46. BRILLIANT! Geesh your paper piecing is awesome.

  47. again you come out with a jaw-droppingly beautiful block. your designs and execution are so above and beyond that "amazing" doesn't feel like a good enough word to describe. basically, your blocks make me feel like my heart wants to burst.

    i wish you all of the best with your packing and your goodbyes. i'll be happy to ship you any fabric you like :)

  48. Hi Ayumi - hope you can still remember me. You helped me out 2 years ago when I wrote to ask you if you knew of any fabric shops in Osaka, and you helped me a lot by giving me the names and directions to those shops. Thanks so much for that.
    I just returned from tokyo yesterday - was there on vacation with my family and it was our 3rd trip there. I love japan a lot and I cried when I saw the images on tv on the earthquake and tsunami. This time when I was in tokyo, I saw how the japanese people are trying to help with the situation - esp with the electricity outage, and I'm very touched when I see this. I'm very happy that you're moving back to your country. Hope we can keep in touch whenever possible - would love to hear/read about your life in japan. Thanks again for everything Ayumi.
    elaine (

  49. That block is adorable!! I love it!! You're flying to Japan on my birthday =D Good luck with all of your packing and the move!

  50. What a fantastic block! Your ringo pie group is aMAZing!

    Hope the packing is going well!

  51. Hi Ayumi!
    I meant to write before you left the USA, but things got away from me. I hope you are having a good trip, and that your move home is all you dreamed it would be and more. Your family will be so happy to have you close by, and you will have access to all that lovely fabric! A win-win situation to be sure. And with the sharing of your finds on Etsy...well, that's yet another win!?
    All the best on your new adventure!

  52. Oh my word that is cute!

    All the very best with your move.

  53. This is so cute!
    I love your "Pink Penguin" blog header. What program did you do the fab design on?


  54. Hi! I used to visit your Japanese blog and I happened to find you here when I was surfing the net to look for tutorials for a pouch. I was surprised and happy when I realized that it was you because I loved your work.

    I read some older posts and found out that you got married with the long term boyfriend and are moving (or moved already) to Japan. Congratulations! I want to move back to Japan someday!

    Thanks for the beautiful and detailed tutorials. Although I may not be able to make as it says because it's too hard for me, lol, just looking at your work inspires me. Good luck with your life in Japan!

  55. Hello Ayumi,
    I loved your blog. I really enjoyed your tutorials and I get two of them. I became your follower. It was a pleasure to know your beautiful and original work.

  56. Hi! I have been a long time follower of your blog and I love it so much!! The frap blocks are excellent and remind me of summer!!

    I just opened at etsy store, so check it or my blog out if you have a sec. I would super appreciate it!

    Thanks for sharing your work, it is beautiful!

  57. I just came over from Lori's blog to look for a tutorial on this block:) I just LOVE it!!! Thanks for making me smile this morning:)

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