Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stitch Magazine Summer 2011

stitch magazine summer 2011

Thank you so much for your very kind and encouraging
words about my envelops and mailbox block for Ringo
Pie bee! It made my day, no, more like my week! Thank you
girls! I've had many people asking for a paper-piecing
tutorial, so I will come back sometime in a week or so
with a simple printable pattern and an instruction on how
to paper-piece it, so if you have never tried a paper-piecing
technique and would like to learn one way of doing it,
please remember to come back :)

Today I would like to share with you 4 projects of mine
that are featured in the current issue of Stitch Magazine.

stitch magazine summer 2011

This might be one of my favorite projects I've ever made for Stitch.
These slippers are made for the 'Opposites Attract' theme in the issue.
The colors, one slipper being blue and green and the other being
red and orange, were suggested by my lovely editor and
I thought it was such a fun and unique idea!

stitch magazine summer 2011

It was a lot of fun putting together cute
and quirky fabrics.

stitch magazine summer 2011

This is a cat mat to accommodate food and water bowls.
The top is vinyl laminate, and it is backed with non-
slip fabric so that it will keep the mat in place.
I have to give this to my parents' cats. They make
too much mess around their food bowls.

stitch magazine summer 2011

Or I'll convince Joe to get us a cat once we are
in Tokyo. Wish me luck!

stitch magazine summer 2011

This is a checkerboard-inspired handbag made for
"the Good Earth" theme of the issue. Mixing different
shades of linen to make this was a lot of fun.

stitch magazine summer 2011

I like how they put some veggies in the bag!
Now I want to use this bag to go to Farmer's Market.
Sarah of CoopCrafts has made a few of these handbags already
and you can read about it here :) I love how her bag turned out!

stitch magazine summer 2011

Natsuiro means 'summer colors' in Japanese and the same
word in Japanese Kanji character is sashiko-embroidered
on the side of the bag. This bag reminds me of the night
I worked on this until 6 am to be able to ship it off
via overnight shipping that day. I have this bad habit of
waiting until last minute to do anything, but this was
literally last minute. The other side of this bag
made cover of this issue (the words applique
on this side competed with the cover lines). I am very flattered.

I am totally in love with this issue, because there are SO
many projects in it that I would LOVE to make! For example..

This cat house designed by my friend Penny!
Isn't it the cutest cat house ever?!?!
It totally drove me nuts when I first saw this.
I must make one for my parents' cats for sure!
(or possibly my own cat?!)

This clutch made by Leigh is a must to make too!
I love the gorgeous gathering and the combination
of yellow and gray is the best!

Lisa made this super cool wallet! I want to whip up
a few of these for my friends.

Speaking of Stitch, all projects in the fall issue from
2009 are available for individual purchases on
their website now. You can find my odekake bag pattern here,
which I blogged about here. Also, here is a link to my guest post on
their blog where I was allowed to share four websites that inspire me.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this long post!
Have a lovely rest of the day!!


  1. Ayumi, these are absolutely lovely projects!! :o)) I LOVE the slippers :o)

  2. These are all wonderful projects! I really really want to make the slippers!

  3. Wow those slippers are delightful!!!

  4. Those slippers are too cute!! I love them. I am going to have to find this magazine. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Wonderful projects and thank you so much for sharing :) You make them look so fun and 'doable' ... thanks!

  6. You have come such a long long way, Ayumi! You are indeed a stitching GENIUS!!!! Wow. I'm so impressed! I'm really proud that I have bought something you made! (and also a little bit prouder that you have a coaster I made you way back when! ahem.) WAY TO GO GIRL!!!! :)

    Bernie Shell
    Bellevue, WA

  7. Love all your project...Very inspiring

  8. I love that cat mat. I have a labrador and have just pictured a huge bone mat. He is a very messy dog. Thanks for the inspiration

  9. I don't have cat at all, but the fish mat is so adorable. That why I've decided to make it for my dinner table.
    And it was my first quilt project!

  10. Thank you so much everyone!

    It is still my favorite coaster! I love it so much!

    That fish mat is super adorable! The quilting on it is really fun too! Thank you for sharing your great project!

  11. You are such an inspiration! I really enjoyed this post ;) I have tried to find " Stitch" magazine in Norway, but it seems as if I have to order directly from the USA -
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. You have been so busy! I love all your projects but perhaps the slippers the most- so quirky and fun, super lovely things to make!


  14. these projects are all so well done!
    i love that magazine too :)

  15. It is a beautiful magazine filled with great ideas. Congratulations, Ayumi! Every one of your projects is oozing with sweetness and oh-so-adorable! I love them! :D

  16. Thank you so much for linking to my post about your checkerboard handbag, Ayumi! :D I'll add a picture of the one I made for my Mom for Mother's Day after she's received it, and I'm making one for myself with very bright colors. Your patterns are wonderful -- simple to follow, yet I always learn new skills and end up with something I can be proud of. Thank you for that, too!

  17. I love seeing your projects in print!

  18. I bought this issue last Saturday! I immediately looked through it to see what projects of yours would be in it! I love all of the great sewing projects they have and I LOVE the slippers :) :)

  19. Great work Ayumi!
    Those slippers are awesome -- I treat socks lost in the dryer the same way -- I just pair them up with others who made it out alive. Love your designs!

  20. I love your slippers..I once had a dream about being a shoemaker and making shoes of different colours on each foot!!LOL

  21. I'm so impressed with your beautiful and clever projects, and congratulations on the cover! I do know what you mean about up all night and last minute. Sounds like we have the same time management technique. And thank you for your sweet anniversary wishes!

  22. Got the magazine as a gift from my boss. I just love it and your contributions!

  23. wow...awesome collections!!! I just love those all projects.. Especially i love those all bags.. These are looking beautiful and great design. Thanks for this great post.

  24. Your projects are fantastic! :)

  25. I love the cat mat, too! I don't have a cat, but I love cat stuff! You "wow" me everytime I visit your blog. I love Stitch magazine, I was able to purchase and download issues from their website, it's cool that I can print out the patterns, too!

  26. I saw & loved your patterns in Stitch, which is what brought me to your blog... I love both the bags and the slippers especially - just wonderful.

  27. Hello,
    I managed to get a copy of Stitch (I'm from France, Europe). Love the cat/fish mat ! I'm thinking of turning it into a wall hanging ...

  28. Thank you everyone!

    That is a great idea! Did you see the little fishy quilt Stasy made?(a link is above) Very cute!

  29. Now that is original. I love those slippers.

  30. Amei a casa de gatos!!!
    E vou sim fazer para minha cachorrinha,muito linda

  31. Your projects are great. I especially love the circles bag, must make one like that! And it's great to see a bit of Japanese text and kanji makes it's way into the projects.

  32. The article is worth reading, I like it very much. I will keep your new articles

    1. This magazine is incredible, I wonder if you already collected all issues!


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