Sunday, March 20, 2011

I've been crafty

Spring Block for Lucinda ~ Ringo Pie Bee ~

Here is the Spring block I made for Lucinda for Ringo Pie Bee.
(Sorry the resolution of the picture isn't very good - hopefully
I'll get to take a better picture once the sun comes out.)
I spent days sketching some ideas for this month, trying to
come up with a design that has lots of neutral colors which she
asked for, but after much thought, I was determined that I
really want colorful flowers in it and I ended up compensating
with a background in a neutral color. Keeping my fingers crossed
that this turned out ok and it will look good with everyone
else's Spring blocks for her.

pincushion - sewing theme

This is the fourth pincushion I made for a custom order.
The recipient asked for a sewing theme, so I had fun
picking out sewing themed fabrics from my stash and
whipped up this guy. I am happy with the outcome so
is the recipient, woohoo!

Diaper Pouch

Here is a diaper pouch I made for a little boy I babysit.
Ever since Anna posted this awesome tutorial, I knew
I would make it for him. I can't believe how long I waited
to make though especially now that I know it is such a fun,
quick, and addictive project! And I just LOVE this shape!
His diapers used to be in a plastic bag from a grocery store.
I think it is a quite improvement. Why didn't I make it sooner?!


I'm so happy I finally found a great use for this
cute fabric covered button that I received as a part
of a swap a few years ago. Too cute, right?

playing with fabric scraps

And lastly, this is a scrap-buster project that
I was working on. I am not sure what this will be.
A potholder for my friend was my plan, but I am
thinking it's a bit too busy for her. hmm..
Any suggestions?

Have a fabulous Sunday!


  1. Absolutely adorable makes, as are all your lovely things. Love the diaper pouch (nappies over here).

  2. I love that diaper pouch! The zoo fabric is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Ahhhh - those pin cushions of yours just get me with their cuteness EVERY TIME! Wonderful projects, Ayumi! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  4. Ayumi ‐ san♪
    Good morning, from Japan ,today it's raining.

    Very cute goods...
    oh,i know that little boy!!


  5. Love the fabrics you choose. I've ben crafty today too. Fun isn't it.

  6. Mug rug with a neutral color so the rest of the length? Very cute - maybe a potholder for you?

  7. Love all these projects! I'm curious too see what you'll end up making with that scrap buster sheet!! Love your blog :-)

  8. these are all so cute!! i really love the diaper pouch! really nice fabric choices :)

  9. Olá Ayumi, tenho uma certa dificuldade porque meu inglês é péssimo. MAs para ver seus trabalhos tão bonitos não preciso saber inglês.
    Gosto muito de passar por aqui. Adorei a bolsa para fraldas, muito legal.
    Bjs e até mais.

  10. Oh my goodness how cute everything is!!!
    Especially that top block--I don't know if I'd be able to figure out all of those little triangles :)

  11. It's got pot-holder written all over it, and I definitely don't think it is too busy. Just do a really simple in the ditch quilt and job's done. You have been busy and everything is just totally gorgeous, as it always is!!

  12. Ayumi, these are all adorable, super cute! If that little scrapbuster were mine, I would use some linen, and finish it into a little zipper bag, that I could keep all my laptop cords and flashdrives and other accessories in. Just thinking.... I am on a mission to get rid of all the ziploc baggies I keep things in!!

  13. Hi, Ayumi!
    so long not visit here..Cute project! Btw, I remember you're a japanese..hope your relatives and parents are ok in Japan. My deep thought for disaster there.

  14. Thank you, everyone!

    The ribbons I use for my pincushions are usually my finds at Japanese online fabric stores. There are many shops that carry cute ribbons like this on Etsy :)

  15. You have made some more beautiful projects! Maybe if you make a few more scrap buster squares you could join them up..or put a few plains in between and make a georgeous cushion.

  16. SO cute! I love that through Penny, I get to follow all of Ringo Pie's blogs and see what everyone is making. She will love it because for you, that green is a neutral! It will look great next to Penny's "alien"! The patchwork busyness (I don't think that looks right, but spell check tells me otherwise)of the potential potholder is awesome! Your friend will love it because YOU made it. And maybe she needs a little busy in her life!

    Thanks for your constant inspiration! Between your blog and getting to actually sew with Penny, I'm counting my blessings quite often!

    Have you tried your own starch yet?

  17. I just read Tara's comment above- I use her starch and it is the best thing when they are lots of seams I want to flatten! I love all those little squares and your mix of patterns, text and objects.

  18. Those are wonderful goods!! I love how you mix and match the fabrics and creat something totally rich and crisp. Um..... I love the scrap-buster, why not give it to me?!!! Hahaha, just kidding. Have a good monday.


  19. Oh, I love them all! Thanks for the link to the diaper pouch.Looks like a nice project to make.

    I imagine the scrap-buster as a central piece of a spring tote bag (and this tiny gnome is just adorable!)

  20. Love this spring block. You're group is very talented I've seen really cute blocks there.

    Why don't you make a Kettle rug with the scrap-buster project?

  21. I LOVE your pieced block! Great job!

  22. Gorgeous projects, all of them! The block is sensational.

  23. Could you modify your pieces block to make another diaper holder to have ready as a gift? All your projects turn out so beautifully! I love the neutral stripes with the brights in your top block.

  24. Your pinwheel flowers are so cute!!

  25. Is beautiful all what you did , love the diaper pouch, beautiful fabric ! Think I will try making for little boy in our family and baby whos coming in may .
    Love your pin cushions !
    Scrap-buster project, try living that as center peace of a tote bag like Just-in sad, think would be really pretty .

  26. Hi, Ayumi, I just love your stuff! Thanks for the tutorial link, the diaper pouch would make a great gift to new mommys.

  27. love these ayumi and the diaper pouch turned out so super duper cute I can't even stand it!!! :) I would make another one for myself except we're out of the diaper phase already!!

  28. You have been very crafty!
    I LOVE all your projects!
    Amazing as always!


  30. Your spring block is adorable! Thanks for the link to the diaper pouch as well. I think I will make some of these for upcoming baby gifts!

  31. Ayumi, your block is breath taking beautiful.
    Hope your family and friends are all safe. Watching the news from Japan is hartbreaking.

  32. Pincushion is adorable and I LOVE your scrappy little block! Little scraps make me happy! I would frame it {or use it as a center piece for a bag}!

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