Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fabric Haul in Japan #2


I know it's been a while since I came back from Japan,
but there are still lots of fabric from there that
I hadn't had a chance to share with you here. My sewing
machine had a serious issue with its upper thread tension
which I couldn't find a solution for anywhere, so it is
on the mend now. It's weird not to have a sewing machine
at home. Some part of me is relieved that I can cross out
sewing-related stuff in my to-do-list temporarily, but
some part of me is missing sewing so much. I guess it's
more of the latter case. Wednesday tends to be the day of
the week when my productivity goes up, but not today.
Without my buddy (sewing machine), I am so useless. lol.


So I decided to take this time to take pictures of
some Japanese fabric to blog about and to list
some fabric in my etsy shop. This gave me an opportunity
to remind myself of some really cute fabric stash I have
but I had forgotten about, which made me go Woohoo!
I think I am totally addicted. No wonder my sister
called me "a fabric idiot". She cracks me up sometimes.


Oh I have to mention about the fabric in the
left bottom in the picture above. It is probably
one of the fabrics that wowed me the most among
many fabrics I've found in Japan. It is an original
design by a fabric store called Country Quilt Market
in Japan. I was so happy that I found their vendor
at Tokyo Quilt Festival and got to see their original
prints in person! So cute! You can look at the entire
section of their original prints here.
And this is the link to the fabric I got. It looks as if there are
a bunch of fabric scraps laid out on top of.
I love unusual fabric like this.


I am usually into small prints, but these were
exceptions. As soon as I saw them (especially the
grey version), I was like oh man, I'll make the
suit case more packed ( = Joe, unhappy) lol.


Yoko Okamoto is a Japanese textile designer I
don't think I have mentioned before in my blog.
The two fabrics on the right are designed by her.
Sometimes her designs remind me of Suzuko Koseki's
style, which you know, is my all time favorite.
The red fabric is super cute too. That was one
of my lucky finds at a teeny tiny fabric store
located by the kindergarten I attended. It's so
small though. If there are more than 5 customers,
you find yourself unable to reach most fabrics lol.


Rosy Fabric makes such cute things! I'm
especially mad about the red one. So lovely~!


More fun fabrics :) Decole brand produces
really cute zakka and I didn't know they have
fabric for sale too until I saw the apple guy!
A bit pricy but I couldn't help myself!

Off the topic, but have you heard about One Thousand Wishes
yet? If you have not, I'd really like to spread the word
about it. Ali of the dotted line is going to open this
store during April whose 100% proceeds will be donated for
Canadian Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund.
If you have any craft items you can donate to
the shop, please contact her and learn how you can
do this. How this works is similar to Craft
Hope for Haiti
where many of us crafters got
together and donated craft items to raise a lot of
money for the Haiti earthquake victims.
Basically, Ali takes care of listing and payment
and she will let you know once your item is sold
so that you can send your item directly to whoever
bought it. Simple! I totally support what she is doing
and will be donating some of my craft items as well as
Japanese fabrics. And that's why it's frustrating not to
have a sewing machine! - I want to make so many things
for the shop!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
Have a great day!


  1. i love love those fabrics, eek! and I think we'll be idiots together, k?

  2. Love the fabric! Those letters are fabulous! I will check out that shop.... Might be able to whip something up :)

  3. I love those fabrics, and I love even more how you use your fabric to creat something new. Thanks for share.


  4. The apples print in the first pic, the scrappy green fabric with the kitchen section and the grey letters, the red one and the aqua roses- highlights and I love the rest! Thanks for the 1000 wishes link- will stitch something up for that x

  5. Very lovely fabrics!
    1000 wishes is a wonderful idea!


  7. love them all but i really like the roses on grey. i've seen it a few times before and have never been able to find it you mind my asking who makes it?
    i'm afraid i'd have a suitcase full of fabric if i went :)

  8. All these fabrics are pretty irresistible, but I would have to say the red roses, along with the aqua flowers right next to it, are my favorites. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

  9. great fabrics. I just looked at you shop because I was hoping you might add some of the brown fabrics with the letters ;)

    I started a raffle to support japan on my blog (the winner will get a handmade bunny by me)
    We raised 145 USD so far. I hope we will be able to collect even more !!

  10. Your range of Japanese fabrics totally fascinates me! I could see several which I would love to own and use.

  11. those are just beautiful ayumi! wish we could go fabric shopping together sometime!

  12. I hope you get your "right arm" back soon all fixed up and ready to go (sew).

  13. Love, love, love all the fabrics!!!! Hope your sewing machine gets fixed soon...sounds like you will have time to come up with many more cute projects!!! Also, thank you sooooo much for letting us know about One Thousand Wishes!!! Would love to contribute!!!!!

  14. Ayumi, I'm so jealous, such gorgeous fabric! Thanks for the heads up on one thousand wishes, I've added it to my list. Have a great weekend!

  15. Hi ,Ayumi - san!
    Thanks always ☆

    Many foreign people help us,,,
    I've watched it on the news everyday.
    Thank you for your heart.

    i like blue rose fabric!

  16. fabric idiot, LOL! that's a good one!

    you have GREAT taste in fabric. i love the red/aqua/grey floral ones. so pretty!

  17. Looking for this information, which is very helpful, thank you.

  18. Great fabric! So cute, I love the ones with the cherry trees and the alphabet letters!

    1. Do you have some Japanesse patterns to share with us ? i would be so nice!


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