Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Door Block

Ringo Pie - Door for Lisa

Before I have another super lengthy post about
the Japan trip (next one is going to be about
fabrics + etsy sales), maybe I can have a few short
posts so that I am not stealing too much of your time?

This is a block I made for Lisa for Ringo Pie bee.
January was Lisa's month and her theme was "Door".
When she told us about this theme, it
was around Christmas season and my mind was totally
set for a door with a window with a Christmas tree behind it.


But you know it's been over a month since last
Christmas. I even saw a dumpster with a big
Christmas tree inside the other day. So how about
a Christmas tree going goodbye... oh no..
that would be too sad.


Let's keep the tree. Oh how about adding
windows, packages at the door, and a mail box?!
Wait, the theme is Door, I am not supposed to
create a whole house. ok.. then..


No more packages and a mail box, but how about
a little welcome "OPEN" board on the door?
Hmmm.. the board might be more fun if it says "LISA"
How about people peeking from windows? No that's weird.


Ok, no people but a LISA board. Looking better.
How about her puppy Moose coming out of the door?!?!
I was sooooooo excited about the idea and spent
some time researching on Moose and seeing how
I can paper-piece him..... umm.. that'd be way
beyond my basic paper-piecing skills. Definitely
don't ruin the image of the cute Moose!


After all, this is the block I finished this morning.
I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this
turned out to be acceptable and that it is almost
up to quality of everyone else's door block.

Thank you for letting me share my creation!
Have a great day!


  1. You're so funny. Like YOUR block would be the only one that people didn't like, or that was made sloppily. Of all people, you are the one most likely to get every little detail correct. *S*

  2. Your little curtains are so sweet!! I love your attention to detail and how you agonized over the little things. I think this is absolutely adorable!

  3. I personally love it!!! I mentioned you in my post today!! looking forward to your long japan post I love em!!! xx

  4. Thanks for walking us through all the stages of creative process, it's very inspiring.
    Love your design and as always your fabric choices.

  5. You constantly amaze me. This is so so cute. I wish I could paper piece like you.

  6. OH MY GOSH your block is awesome! You did a great job on it. Just love it.

  7. Wow, Super cute and detailed! I love it when people post how they work through steps to get the finished project.

  8. LOVE the story behind this finished block! Lovely!

  9. Oh the door block is just sooo cute! Love your little sketches as well :-)

  10. Oh Ayumi, you have kept me laughing right through this post - I love the little maybe this but maybe nots all the way through - you are so funny and this door is so fabulous and the story of making it makes it even more fun for me now.

  11. Your block is really lovely! So pretty! I love the colours and the care you put into it! Also the "Lisa" sign is great! She'll be so happy to receive this! Thank you for sharing your design process with us! It's great to learn how an idea was born!

  12. I thought it was complex already but to imagine piecing a dog shape for Moose and people as well, ha ha :D Wonderful

  13. What a lovely block! This is so much fun! I will have to check this out to see if I can join in!

  14. wow!it looks great!!
    i've never seen one like it :)

  15. I'm impressed with the thought you put into your block. I'm assuming you printed Lisa's name on fabric or do you just happen to have some amazing stash?

  16. Wow! Okay, I will never join a bee if they are critical of blocks like yours ... your door block is A-Maze-Ing!!! Truly. Super cool and thank you for sharing :)

  17. Love it!!!

  18. I love your door!!! It's perfect :) I also loved reading about all your developing ideas - wonderful!

  19. Love those dotted curtains. Really cute
    Can't wait to read the new post *^o^*

  20. I've been so inspired by these door blocks I've been seeing -- I think it will be my theme for my bee!

  21. That really did make me laugh, and I love the finished block. You've chosen the colours so beautifully.

  22. this is awesome.. keep up the good work!
    so cool.. take care

  23. Thank you so much, everyone!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment as usual!
    I stamped her name on solid fabric :) Alphabet stamps are a lot of fun!

  24. This is great Ayumi! I'm sure she'll love it...

  25. Goodness, you really are so inventive, Ayumi. This is such a sweet door block. The addition of the red door stop is the kind of detail I love in your work!

  26. Your attention to detail is so awesome, Ayumi! This little house must have the sweetest curtains in the neighborhood. Love the peach color for the house front and the Christmas tree and buttons... so cheerful!

  27. I love your block and how you are inspired to the very end. Great block!

  28. It looks lovely and inspiring too!

  29. I LOVE THIS BLOCK!!! And I love that you thought about putting Moose on it. He says thank you. :)

  30. Great input, thanks for all the interesting opinions, etc. Hopefully the site will attract more people. Good to see a tlaent at work. I can't match that.

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  32. What's a block? Like for a quilt or something? I am trying to learn everything crafty off your site, I am just such a novice!



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