Thursday, August 12, 2010

Improved pouch


Thank you to those of you who left nice
comments for my last post. I'm so glad to
hear that some of you were looking for
a lunch bag just like that! Same here! I was
feeling so bad for Joe who was carrying
his bento box in a worn-out paper bag.
Not that he cared about it but I didn't
like it at all. Now that he's lunch bag
is prettier, I should work on making his
bento look prettier too! One day I want to
be able to make bento like
hers, hers and hers.

Kristina of
What the Stitch? sewed up a lunch
bag already, and she shares the picture
here. So cute!


This is a custom pouch I just put in the mail.
I felt a bit challenged when I learned that
the recipient does not like red and aqua,
because those colors were the colors I was
going after these days, but it turned out
that it wasn't hard at all to come up with a
combination of fabrics that I love,
without much red and aqua colors in it.

This has a strap made with really nice linen,
and a little loop right underneath it to
hold keys. The recipient wanted this pouch
to carry her cellphone and keys among
other things and wanted to make sure that
keys are outside of the pouch so they won't
scratch her new phone. What a great idea!
I think I'll add the loop for all my
future pouches now. Oh and also she wanted


Two pockets to put some cards. This too is
a great idea, I think. Thank you for giving
me lots of ideas to spiffy up my pouches.
Speaking of the pouch, many folks have asked me
to make a tutorial on this, but I am still debating
whether I should do it because there are so many
great zipper pouch tutorials in the blog world that
it might be silly of me if I post a tute also.
But I know there might be some of you who want to
make a pouch exactly like this one, so if that's the
case, let me know in the comment! If you
are just looking for any types of zipper pouch
tutorials, how about these fabulous ones?

zippy wallet by Anna from Noodlehead++
Pleated Pouch by Cindy of Skip to my lou++
zippered pouch by Andrea of Paper Sparrow++
flat bottomed zipper pouch by Pin and Paper++
Zipper pouch by Daphna of Creative Cutie++
front zippered pouch by Thimble++
scrappy scaley zippered pouch by Lia of liaspace of crafts++
Candy Bags by Dana of MADE++

Have a great day ;)


  1. Another lovely pouch! The donkey fabric is so cute! I'd love to see a tutorial if you're willing to write one; I think all the details of your pouch really make it special. :)

  2. I'd love a tutorial...I haven't seen any others with card holders inside!

  3. I love your pouch! I have been trying to make some little wristlets. They have come out great except for the corners of the zippers. Any tips on this?

  4. Hi. I've had a look at a couple of the other tutorials. However, I'd treasure one from you. Your sewing takes things to the next level. Your fabric choices inspire ideas, and the wrist strap and pockets really make this a great little utility bag. Please write a tutorial. Just make us admire you even more (if that's even possible).

  5. I would love a tute for this pouch esp. with the pockets and loop. I looked at the tutes and I didn't think the others measured up to yours. I would love to make one of these. :)
    I am going to make another fabric basket next week for my son with dinosaurs on and then make some placemats and coasters for my sister in laws new place. I love your tutes!

  6. Yes please, a tutorial would be great! You do such beautiful work, and I have been wanting to put pockets into my zippered pouches but unsure how to do it. Thank you :)

  7. とてもキュートなpouchですね♥ 中のポケットも素敵です!! ^_^ あゆみさん、you are a genius~!! ^_^

  8. Ayumi! Your patchwork is always so precise and perfectly chosen....Thanks for sharing it and the links too!

  9. Lovely fabric combinations, the squares frame them so nicely. For a pouch where the zip ends are square and covered this tutorial is great

  10. Love this pouch so much - the strap and cute lining with card pockets are so useful and adorable. Please please do a tutorial!

  11. I love this pouch - please write a tutorial for it, yours are so easy to follow!

  12. Please make a tutorial of this pouch, I love the card holders inside, and if you please could learn us how to get the zipper nice looking when it`s finished.. :-)
    I have used your tutorials many times and love them, thank you. :-)

  13. I would love a tutorial on the pouch. It looks like you have finished the inside seams too. Thank you for sharing.

  14. All the custom features are so neat! The colors and patterns sing so sweetly together. Do I see a cute donkey in one of the squares? :0)

  15. Oh! I would love to see a tutorial from you. I like the idea for card holders inside. I would like to make one for my daughter.It would be perfect for her.

  16. Hi there,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a tute for this fantiastic are right there are many other tutes on the web however i have read and made quite a few, and yours takes it to the next level. i think the fact that you have had many suggesstions from people on how to improve the pouch and then you have taken them on board, means that you have created the 'perfect pouch'! Please post a tutorial on how to make one, i (and it seems many others) would be TOTALLY APPRECIATIVE!!!!!

  17. Ayumi, spend to yourself x my blog, I speak about you. I was made happy by much that you liked the bento.

  18. I like that pouch bag. It is so cute. The design is so unique. The choice of color is just so perfect. The inside is what I really love about that pouch. It is something different that you can't find in other pouches.

  19. Love your work and would love to see a tutorial! Thanks!

  20. I would love, love, love to see a tutorial for this pouch! I agree with the person who said that you take this to the next level. I adore your work!!

  21. too cute. love the pockets inside....i'd LOVE a tutorial :)

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