Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Mrs Mills"


Thank you to all of you who have sent me
warm wishes and congrats for my engagement
and wedding. Joe and I got married last Saturday,
June 12th 2010, and I would like to share
several pictures taken this past weekend.


Our wedding was very small and simple;
in fact, we didn't even inform most of
our friends about us having a wedding on that day.
We've thought about a lot of options and
came to decide that the best way for us would
be to do a small wedding now and have a
ceremony/reception sometime later either
in this year or next year. I know I surprised
many of my friends by changing my relationship
status on Facebook from 'Engaged' to 'Married'
all of a sudden. I'm feeling really bad that
they might think I was trying to keep it a secret.
I didn't
tell them about this wedding just because
I want our future ceremony/reception to be
our special day where everyone gets together.


I'm so sorry for my family and Joe's family
for informing them of this wedding coming up
just a week before! Joe's dad was like
"What?!?! Wedding next week??!!
We are coming down there then!!"


So we were lucky to have Joe's parents,
his nephew Mattie, and this really nice
family we feel very close to, Yuko, Mark,
and Taihei at our wedding that took place
outside of a church in Los Gatos in California.
It was a really, really nice day, and
I'm so glad that everything went so perfectly.


I'm officially Mrs. Mills now :D
I have the last name that I can't even
pronounce accurately, haha, but I feel
so blessed that this Mills family
that I've always considered my family
is now officially my family.
Joe's mom, my American mom, called me
"Mrs. Mills" right after our wedding,
and I felt ticklish and simply happy.

A couple of people have asked me if
it's different now that I am married,
and I said no. Joe and I have been
together for over six years and we've
always known that we would get married
sooner or later, so I don't feel like
anything new happened at all, but I
am blessed that we are finally officially
together - what a great feeling to know
that I can call someone I love the most
"my hubby". hehe ;)


And I was so glad that Taihei, the boy
I've been babysitting since he was a three-month
old, and his parents were there for us too.
I love this little man and his parents
who are literally the nicest people I know.
Look how he and I share similar chubby cheeks.
His cheeks are cute but mine is not so much, haha.


Joe is a great friend of Taihei too.
He never takes a nap when Joe is there.
And this day Taihei made a new friend Mattie.


It was the cutest thing to see Mattie
and Taihei playing with each other.
I've known Mattie since he was about
Taihei's age now, a two year-old.
I love him so much and am so glad that
he has become such a sweet 8 year-old.


And this picture right here is my by far
favorite picture from this past weekend.
I've been staring at this picture so much
because looking at it makes me soooo happy.
I already ordered several hard copies of
this picture and can't wait to put it on the wall.


This is how Mattie looked after running all
over with Taihei in the sun. So red!
Isn't he just unbearably adorable?


The next day, we went to the Broadwalk in
Santa Cruz. My American mom was born and
grew up in the city. We went to see if the
house she grew up in was still there after
45 years have passed. Yes, we found the
house. So many things looked different
around the house from what she remembered
so it didn't seem like it was bringing
the bell for her but it was so nice to
see it still there at the same place!


Joe and Mattie went swimming in the ocean.
I thought it was so cute to see them
holding hands with each other.
Joe is such a nice uncle for Mattie.


So that's all about it, I think!

Thank you for spending some time here
reading this long post. I hope you have
a great week!



  1. Congratulations Ayumi and Joe!
    Looks like you all had a lovely day. Hugs and best wishes for your future together xx

  2. Congratulations to you both! What a fantastic day. Even though you don't feel any different, it will always be a special memory.

  3. hallo! Herzlichen Glückwunsch für Ihre Hochzeit! Ich hoffe, Sie und Ihr Mann und Mattie haben eine super Zukunft ........ Ich mag deinen Blog so viel ....... durch, nico

  4. Congrats! You are such a cute couple!

  5. Sounds PERFECT!!
    I'm all about small weddings :)

  6. Congratulations to you Ayumi. I am so happy that you are happy and that you and Joe had the wedding you wanted. I wish you many happy decades together.

  7. Congrats! I wish you all the happiness in the world. And by the way, you looked beautiful in your pictures.

  8. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Congratulations! You look gorgeous.The pictures show how happy you both are.

  10. Congratulations! Looking at your smile tells me you had a wonderful day. Hope you have happiness for the rest of your lives together.

  11. Congratulations! Beautiful Pictures and a beautiful day - best wishes for your future!

  12. Congratulations, wishing much luck, love and happiness for now and your future together!

  13. Congratulations! Love your dress.

  14. Congratulations Mrs. Mills! You looked lovely in your wedding dress :)

  15. Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Mills!! Beautiful pictures, and wonderful wedding! And most of all, you look so lovely in that gorgeous dress! どうか末永~くいつまでもいつまでもお幸せに♪ お2人の幸せにあやかれて、とっても嬉しいです^^

  16. Congratulations, you two make a beautiful couple!
    Kandi x

  17. Congratulations!
    You are a beautiful bride!
    What a great day for you
    and your friends and family!

  18. You are beautiful. Best Wishes to you and Joe.

  19. Congrats Mrs. Mills! Lovely photos. I hope you two will always be so happy together!

  20. ご結婚おめでとうございます。末永くお幸せに!

  21. Congrats again...And thank you so much for sharing pics of such a special moment in your life...how generous. You are just adorable.

  22. Congratulations, Ayumi & Joe! All of my best wishes for a long & happy life together!

  23. Congrats Mrs. Mills! I'm so happy to hear that you had such a nice wedding weekend. Best wishes to both of you! You're such a cute couple!

  24. Congratulations!!

    Beautiful photographs.

    Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us. :)

  25. Congratulations! I cannot think of anything better than growing old together with the one you love. Blessings to you both.

  26. Congratulations Mrs. Mills! Thank you for sharing your wedding. It sure was picture perfect! Wishing you two many, many happy years together.

  27. Congratulations Mrs and Mr. Mills. You look SO right together. Good luck and Best Wishes from Ali in New Zealand.

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  29. Congrat Ayumi!!
    Welcome to the JOURNEY of MARRIAGE :)

  30. Congratulations Mrs. Mills. :)

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  32. congratulations... you look so beautiful! It looks like it was a great day!

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  34. congratulations on your wedding :) such lovely pictures! thank you for sharing with us all.


  35. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Mills - may the love you have surround you forever!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  36. Congratulations to the two of you! Hope you have just as much fun now as well!

  37. Congratulations Ayumi and Joe!
    It sound like a wondrefull weddind weekend. many happy happy years for the two of you.

  38. Congrats! It sounds wonderful and you are entitled to be married however you want to be!! By having something small and simple you were able to truly enjoy the day and focus on the two of you!!

  39. Congratulations Ayumi!!! You look so happy in the photos and gorgeous!!! I wish you a long and happy married life, Mrs. Mills!! :)

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  42. Congratulations!
    I just love to see everyone's smiles.
    One can feel happiness in your pictures.
    I wish you all the best!

  43. Congratulations! It was a perfect wedding! Yo looked beautiful in the picturres. What a great day for you and your new hubby!
    Kids are both adorable!

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  45. I wish you all the best for your future together!!!

  46. Congratulations Mrs Mills, best wishes for the future!

  47. Best Wishes to both of you for a wonderful, long life together.

  48. Mrs Mills , Congratulations !
    You looked very beautiful and elegant. Best wishes for the future !

  49. おめでとうございます!! あゆみさんは本当に綺麗ですね~♥ ^_^

  50. Congrats! You were so right to keep it small and personal. I think sometimes with all of the big weddings, people are so busy making sure everything is just right and everyone else is happy, that it can lose the intamicy of the couple. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us all. I'm so very happy for you!

  51. Ayumi! congratulations! You look beautiful in your dress. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend and a quaint wedding. Personally, I think those are the best weddings anyway, just those closest to you. I wish you a lifetime of health, wealth and love with Jon by your side. :)

  52. Congratulation Mrs. Mills - how wonderful - loved the dress with the ruffles, cute.
    The fabric arrived save here in Germany and again THANK you so much.
    All the best to you and your husband.

  53. congratulations Mr and Mrs Mills! loved the story and the pictures! what a wonderful ceremony and it sounds like you have a wonderful new (old) family!

  54. Happy, Happy for you and Joe!

  55. Congratulations Mrs Mills!! Looks like it was a beautiful day!!

  56. Oh Mrs. Mills, what a stunning bride you were. I just love your dress. There is no need to feel bad, you had your special day just the way you wanted and it was beautiful and one you will remember forever. Congratulations and best wishes for many, many happy years

  57. Congratulations! you both look so happy!:D
    aww you are such a lovely couple! Hope you hapinnes forever! Thank you so much for sharing this day with us!!!:D <3

  58. Congratulations Ayumi san! you're so beautiful and the wedding looks lovely. this is only my second comment here but I just wanted to say that a happy couple like you two makes me happy too:)
    hope you'll have a wonderful reception too.
    (and love the pic of the boys hugging each other. cute!)

  59. Congratulations! You look gorgeous Ayumi!

    Also, this is random, but do you work for a construction company up in Nor Cal. I had to call one the other day (or they called us - I'm in construction in So Cal) and a girl named Ayumi answered the phone. Made me think of you! haha

    Enjoy being a Mrs!

  60. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Mills!

    I think you looked wonderful on your wedding day. I just love the whole small simplicity of it all. It's about the being married not the big wedding.

    I hope you will always be very happy together!!


  61. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Mills! May you be blessed with continued love and happiness. Thank you for letting us share in your beautiful day through your photos. Much love to you.

  62. Congratulations! You were a beautiful bride!

  63. Congratulations Ayumi! U look so beautiful ..! or I should say "CONGRATS MRS MILLS!!

  64. Your pictures are so beautiful! Congratulations and cheers to a very happy life together...
    Thank you Ayumi, for sharing your special day :)

  65. Congrats and thanks for sharing the story and pictures with us!

  66. Congratulations to you both!! What a beautiful day. We did the same thing with a small wedding and then a bigger wedding later. Both were equally meaningful to us.

  67. You look so beautiful in you photos!
    All I can say is Congratulations!!!:)

  68. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mills ! you two look so pretty together :)
    best wishes and thanks for sharing !

  69. CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderfully exciting for you :) thanks for sharing photos - they made me smile and brought back memories of our wedding. So glad to hear that you did what was best for you and Joe!! Wishing you both oodles of years of happiness, love and fabulous adventures!

  70. Congratulations! It looks like it was a lovely day :)

  71. Congratulations! And thanks so much for sharing your special day with us! You were a beautiful bride ;)

  72. Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us! I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

  73. Thanks for sharing your special day. Wishing you a life time of happiness.

  74. You and Joe look adorable on your wedding day - many happy wishes for your new life together! Thank you for sharing your photos. It looks like it was a nice beautiful day.

  75. Congrats Mrs. Mills
    haven't been on in a while and it's so lovely to see you and now your married :)))) xx

  76. Many, many congratulations! What a happy day.

  77. wow! congrats!
    i like simple small wedings!

  78. Congratulations. You look beautiful. Your pictures are really lovely. - Pootleflump. x

  79. So happy for you - I can see your happiness in your words and lovely pictures! Mr. Mills is a lucky man indeed!

  80. You guys are just the sweetest!!! Thank you so much!

  81. Congrates to both of us.. wish u all the happiness and all the best in marriage life.

  82. Congratulations!!! You're both so cute and happy!

  83. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!

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  85. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Mills!

  86. Congratulations!!!
    God bless you abundantly dear!!!

    Warm Hugsssssssss!!!

    I love ur Blog!!!!

    Umaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =D

    Betânia (Brazil)

  87. That's so great!! :D Congratulations and may you enjoy life as you share it together!!

  88. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you and your husband, Ayumi!!! A milestone in your journey of life. I wish you love, peace and laughter for always!


  89. How did I miss this?! Yay! Go-kekkon omedetou gozaimasu! ^_^  Many years of happiness and joy together for you both!

  90. Omg! Congratulations!! I must be really behind, can't believe I missed the news. I'm very happy for you both, you two are a lovely couple. Great photos, thank you for sharing. I love small weddings, that's what we had! Best wishes!

  91. What a beautiful bride! Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your wonderful day! Congratulations!!!!

  92. I have been away for too long! Congratulations, Mrs. Mills - you look absolutely gorgeous in your wedding photos! Very happy for you!

  93. congratulations -- you look beautiful and happy --right down to your 'chubby cheeks'

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  95. You looked so beautiful, and you and Joe make a great looking couple! Love these pics. :)



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