Sunday, February 28, 2010

Special rings


Thank you so much for your continuous congrats
for my engagement and great advice for wedding
planning. I've received really nice things from
many of people I love to celebrate us. Among them,
an engagement ring and a wedding ring from
my mother-in-law-to-be are so special that,
when I held them for the first time, my heart
was pounding and my hands were literally shaking.
It was not until a few moments later when the fact
hit me that something so precious for so many
people I love have just passed onto me.

These beautiful rings used to belong to Joe's great
grandmother Mitha who Joe's mom describes as someone
who resembles me in a lot of ways. She was a quiet
and cheerful person who was into all sorts of craft.

These rings must be such treasure for Joe's family.
I wasn't sure for a while whether I deserve to
own such precious treature, but I decided to trust
Joe's family's nice judgment.
These are now belonged to me.

When I told about the rings to my Mom in Japan
over the phone, I could tell she was a little in tears.
My parents think I am the luckiest girl and I agree.


Let's now get back to crafty talk ;)
I worked on lots of lots of logcabin patterns
so you may feel either bored or dizzy,
but please bare with me because I think
they turned out so much fun.


I know I've made so many things with this theme.
I have a largest selection of pink fabric, so
I get thrilled to make things that allow me to
use lots of pink fabrics.


I've noticed the other day that the most items I've
created for custom-orders involved logcabin,
so I started to believe that my niche might be
logcabin. Or could it simply be that it's so plausible
I enjoy working on logcabin that folks have been nice
and supportive to let me work on it???
I don't know.. The only thing I know
is that I truly enjoy teeny tiny logcabin!


Along with the pink potholder, these 6
coasters will travel to Venezuela. None of
my items have made it to the country before,
so I am really excited.


Thinking about my handmade items being used
and loved by someone in different countries that
I've never been to makes me delighted.
It's like parts of me traveling on my behalf.


My pieces of craft have made to lots of
places in America, Japan, most European
countries, and some Asian counties including
Singapore and Australia.


Every time I write down the address on the package
that I would love to visit, I get a little jealous
of my items being able to travel there.


One day, I want to travel to all over the world.


And since it will take me a while to be able to
do that, I hope that parts of me, my handmade
pieces will travel to many countries for me until then.


Thank you for taking your time to stop by
to read such a long post!
Have a great rest of Sunday!



  1. The rings are lovely, and so very special. Congratulations to you and your intended.

    The log cabins are lovely too! Love all the different fabrics you use.


  2. The rings are truly beautiful and a gift of love and trust. I am sure that you will achieve all your goals and your lovely handiwork will give you the opportunity to travel when the time is right.

  3. Oh, I will never get tired of your desings! Love all the log cabins!

  4. The rings are just beautiful and I always love the things you make!

  5. Such beautiful rings! You are so talented. I love the things you make.

  6. What beautiful rings with a wonderful history for you to carry on!!

  7. Maybe one day you (with your most cherished rings) and Joe will retire together and live in a cozy log cabin - after you see the world, that is.

  8. What a great story about the rings! How special that they are being passed down through the generations. Love the log cabins too - so much inspiration!

  9. lover the rings! And your log cabins are wonderful. Everything you sew is with such perfection!

  10. The rings are lovely, such a special gift!

    I love the log cabin work, it's fun to look at all the different fabrics that make up the whole block.

  11. Oh! Those rings are so beautiful and so precious!

    But guess what? Any family would be lucky to welcome YOU as a daughter-in-law!

  12. Those rings are BEAUTIFUL, what a precious treasure!! And I LOVE your logcabins.

  13. Those rings are amazing--and such a wonderful story to tell about them. Thanks for sharing!

  14. those rings are gorgeous and it sounds like you are marrying into a lovely family!! love your coasters too :)

  15. Wow such gorgeous rings! You are indeed a very lucky girl, congrats!

  16. The rings are beautiful and the log cabin crafts are so nice. I've got to try log cabins one of these days.

  17. Many congratulations! I am sure you will be a worthy owner.

    I love your creations and have started a basket following your example, if I ever finish it I will post it and do a link back.

  18. The rings are so beautiful and special. What an honor - perfect for someone as special as you. Congrats on your engagement. Such a special time in your life. Enjoy it (sorry to sound cliche and like your mother . . .but it's true :) ) It is such a wonderful time and goes by too quickly as does life. Off my soap box now. Have a great week.

  19. The rings are beautiful and how wonderful to be so cherished by your in-laws to be! Your log cabins are lovely as always, too.

  20. You are a very lucky girl! Beautiful rings and a lovely husband-to-be! Wonderful!
    One of your pin cushions is in constant use in London! I love it and I always think of your blog when I use it! You should knwo too that your tutorials reach people that you never get to know about - your net is spread very wide! The world knows you and your work and you're always welcome here in London!
    all best wishes!

  21. Love those coasters-and those rings are gorgeous!!

  22. Wow, those rings are so beautiful! How lovely to have them with all their history!

    I wanted to say thank you for your Fabric Basket tutorial. I used it at the weekend to make two baskets for my best friend's birthday. I gave them to her today and she was very pleased. Your tutorial was easy to follow and gave such pretty results in not much time. Thanks for inspiring me to make this gift!

  23. I love all your log cabin ideas and the way you use the fabrics. You are always welcome in Beijing. Our post is so unreliable I won't order but I love it all.

  24. I'm very envious of your rings... they are truly beautiful! I didn't get an engagement ring and my wedding band doesn't fit me anymore! These are really gorgeous.

  25. How wonderful to be so welcomed into your new family. Love your rings and their story!

  26. I love vintage wedding rings! You are a luck girl indeed, and Joe is equally lucky! I could never get bored with your teeny log-cabins, they are perfect everytime....Keep them coming please. Congratulations on your wares being sent all over the WORLD! :)

  27. You have great ideas on you blog! Thanks!

  28. Oh my goodness those are amazing rings and what lovely history to them :)

  29. Lucky girl indeed and lovely logcabin coasters....i think what ever u touch turn into something pretty right away!

  30. I haven't had a chance to read all your comments, but I just wanted to say congratulations. And most of all remember that it is YOUR wedding and you can break with tradition any way you want; in America or in Japan.
    I enjoy reading your blog and studying your tutorials. Haven't got around to making anything yet, but someday.
    Again, Congrats.

  31. hi, i'm a first time poster.. I love your blog - I rely on your tutorials to guide me through my crafting early stages! I wondered whether you could put together a tutorial for the log cabin coasters. I'm very, very new to patchwork - the only patchwork i've done was your drawstring bag.. so i don't know where to start with the log cabin stuff....
    Hazel, UK.

  32. Cute coasters!!

    And the rings are beautiful and clearly special (as are YOU, my dear!)

  33. Congrats Ayumi!
    I like your log cabin.

  34. Congratulations! How wonderful to receive such beautiful rings!

  35. I just so enjoy how you make log cabins look MODERN! Log cabins are patchy but can look country. I suppose the addition of writing in your fabrics, and polka dots?, is what makes yours stand out in such a modern and fun way.
    Whatever the reason, I love love love yours!

  36. Thank you so much, everyone!!!

    Thank you for your kind words! I bet you can find tutorials on log cabin in many places online, so it might be a little silly if I did a tute on it. It's actually pretty simple; you start with the center piece and sew one strip next to it, iron, sew another one next to the piece, and go on and on. Let me know if you have questions ;)

    Vacuum Queen-
    I agree that fabric with writing and polka dots prints make it modern! I love that kind of fabric!! Thank you!

  37. just found your blog: got teary reading about the rings. Congratulations on your engagement: sounds like a lovely family to join!

  38. how beautiful those homemade potholders are! did you make them? I would be very interested in knowing how to make them! your blog is so cool and we don't mind to read long posts like this one because we enjoyed it! Wish you a happy marriage by the way!

  39. Thank you so much everyone!

    Sildenafil Citrate-
    Thank you so much for leaving me many wonderful and thoughtful comments for me! Yes I made the potholder :) It is a lot of fun so I hope you'll try making a logcabin potholder!

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  41. Those rings are Gorgeous- I love vintage rings like that, especially ones that are passed down and mean something. :)



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