Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fun Projects

fabric basket

Thank you to all of you who gave me really
nice advice on our wedding plans through
comments and e-mails! It's so nice to hear
the stories about others' weddings since we
pretty much had little clue on anything related
to a wedding. We still haven't set up dates
for a wedding or ceremony, but we know that
we'll definitely get married within this year,
and hopefully have a wedding ceremony within
a few years. Your advice will for sure help
us plan for a good wedding! Thank you so much!!

fabric basket

Today I'd like to show you a couple of
projects I worked on for a custom order from
a girl that I became a very good friend with.

This fabric basket turned out so pretty!
Just like many of you who couldn't help
producing a bunch of fabric baskets (thank you
by the way!), I really do love making fabric
baskets based on this tutorial.
I see why it's so addictive. This fabric
basket is so quick and easy to make, and
it's super practical. I can think of a use
for it for pretty much anywhere; crafty space,
living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.
And it makes a really good handmade gift!

I really need several more baskets for my
place, but every time I make a nice fabric
basket, the first thing that comes to mind is
"Yay! Let's have somebody else have it since
it's so pretty!" So only not-so-pretty ones
end up being actually mine. Is this something
that occurs to you too, I assume? ;)


These are three pairs of logcabin coasters
that I really enjoyed making. I think a logcabin
is such a fun pattern especially when it's so
small like this.


I love these! I gotta make some of these for me too :D

zipper pouch

And here is a patchwork zipper pouch. I love how
this one turned out too! I've been drawn to a
combination of vintage fabric, Japanese fabric,
my silk-screened fabric and linen. Lots of fun.

zipper pouch

I forgot to take pictures of lining of this pouch,
but I used really cute Japanese kitchen fabric.
Makes me smile to look at inside and I hope it
will bring a smile to my friend too ;)


By the way, thank you so much for those of you
who snatched my silk-screened fabrics! I just
listed some more in my shop in case any of you
have missed out the chance to get these.

Oh and thank you for the pink pincushion love!
I'm definitely going to make more for my shop
and will let you know once I list them too!

Thanks for taking your time to stop by!



  1. I love your patchwork projects. You do make it all look like so much fun.

  2. Absolutely darling little basket. And I love the zippy pouch too.

  3. As always, these look awesome! I especially love your tiny log cabins!

  4. love them, especially the basket and coasters! i have to go check out that basket tutorial...i know i always need more containers!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Love everything :D I can't seem to get the link to the basket tutorial to work :/ is it my comp being silly?

  7. Thanks so much everyone!

    Crafty Julu-
    Thanks for letting me know the link was broken. It's been fixed now! ;)

  8. congrats on your engagement!

    i love reading your blog and will make the little spring opened pouch really soon!

    (this is not a spammy comment)
    Your wonderful work has earned an award on my blog. Check it out.
    shannon 'doodlebug'

  9. So sweet! I love your fabrics and the way you put them all together, so beautiful!

  10. Thankyou :D Can't wait to try make one x

  11. Thanks for inspiration and the tutorial for the little basket, so cute. I sewed one today.

  12. I keep telling people that if a piece of fabric is at least the size of a quarter, then there's a great use for it. Thanks for proving me right! You latest goodies are great!

  13. These ARE fun projects! I especially like the pouch. :)

  14. hi pink penguin! :) just would love to tell u that i love reading ur blog! this is the first time im commenting on ur blog hehe. i love sewing n crafting too & i love reading abt ur cute projects! stay crafty always, xoxo mardhiah

  15. Wow you've converted me to log cabin - it's not a pattern I like normally, but with those brilliant colour combos they are brilliant, so smart, so contemporary... I think it's the text that makes them - I love anything that uses text in a creative way. I need to make one for work.. for coffee table... for dining table... for my mum.... er, everywhere!

  16. I have been adoring at your works for a long long time. Very beautiful and creative. The sewings are just neat and details.

  17. More lovely projects!!
    Also a belated congrats on the wedding news!
    Sorry been out of the loop for a while and catching up on my blogs :o)

  18. Hi Ayumi, just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Kreativ blogger award and here’s the link:

    Love your work! Can't wait for your next projects!^^ And I hope you will have fun planning your wedding!!!:)

  19. Hope u don't mind, I listed you as a 'Kreative Blogger' on my blog - love your work - keep wanting to make a puffy puch, will get there some day !!

  20. I love the fabrics very funny!! And I love all the things you do. Thank you for charing

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