Monday, January 4, 2010

Shop Updated

I've been sewing like crazy this year so far.
It seems that I get most crafty around January
every year; My blog archive in the past few years
has proved this too. It's probably because I always
have craft-related resolutions for the New Year.
This year, among tons and tons
of items I want to try and make, I'm definitely
sure that I want to improve quilting skills.
I know making a quilt is like nothing to many
of you, but not to me. Making a medium sized quilt
could literally take several months for me, partly
because I kinda get carried away by big projects.
During 2010, I want to make at least one quilt
(hopefully more!) that is big enough to cover up
my body when I watch a movie, laying on the couch.

With that thought in mind, I made this quilt.
I love how it turned out so much that I am now very
encouraged to really get into quilting.
It's about 14 1/4" by 21 1/2", a great size for a
table top or maybe a kitchen mat.

I used this retro-look Japanese fabric for the backing.
I love this print. I purchased it in four colorways.

And here are matching little totes, very similar to
the one I made for Joe's niece Sarah.

The tabletop quilt and these little totes
are listed as a set here in my shop.

This is a potholder I finished this morning.

I know I have this recurring theme for fabric choices.
Some of you who have seen many other projects
I've worked on in the past will probably be able
to tell that this is made by me. I just love
bright, crazy, and fun fabrics together.

Flipping through stashes, I found this patchwork
looking fabric that I bought from a Japanese fabric
store a long time ago, and the size was just perfect
for this purpose! I'm a totally fabric addict,
and I know you are too!! ;)

Fun fun!

The next one is once again very much me-ish,
I would say. I thought I hadn't made a zipper
pouch, so I made this guy yesterday.

Picking out fabrics for a project takes a great
deal of time and effort for me. I lay out a bunch
of fabric strips on the floor and play around with
them until I am happy with the selection the layout.
And I often feel like "Gosh! I don't have enough
fabric to choose from!!" while Joe wonders what
I would do with all the fabric stashes everywhere
in this apartment.

I'm truly in love with this pencil pouch..
I must make more---!!!

Here is another potholder I made for my shop.
Aren't these penguins simply the cutest?!

The back side. This is another print that I loved
so much that I bought in a few colorways!

The last but not least potholder for my shop is this one.
I think the crazy stitching and uneven patchwork
are a good match. I love using words fabric too!

For the back side, I used this vintage fabric
I found when I was going through the vintage fabric
hunting at ebay a while ago.

That's it for my shop update! As usual, please let me
know when you purchase items from my shop that you
came from here so that I'd love to include a little gift!

Oh you may be wondering what happened to the
promise I made......


to make a tute for a puffy pouch?!
Thanks for your patience! It's on the way!
I just had to make sure what I had in mind
would work and I'm so happy to announce that
it will be a kinda cool first tutorial for
this year! I'll need to work on photoshopping
and making a pdf now. It'll come within a week!
In the meantime, if you are sure to make
this pouch with a flex frame, I would
recommend the set of 5 of 5 inch flex frames in Art Fire.
These are really nice size and sold at a reasonable price too!
(And the owner of the shop, Tessa is so nice!)

Thanks for taking your time to stop by and
read such a long post.. Have a great day!



  1. All of your new items look gorgeous! I'm so totally (still!) in love with your flex frame pouches!

    I was just wondering where do you buy your linen? I've been looking for a great source and have yet to find one that I like. They don't seem to carry very much of it in the fabric stores near me. Do you know of a good online source?

    Prayers, Bo

  3. Love the pouch. No wonder they look so nice, you take a long time to choose the fabrics. : )

  4. Thanks so much everyone!!

    The linen I used for the pouches and some other recent projects came from this Japanese online shop that does not ship internationally.. :(
    I would look at online shops that carry Japanese linen because it's much easier to work with than any other linen I've found locally.
    These might be nice.. ;)[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title
    Hope this helps!

  5. You've been busy! Wow! Congrats to you! As usual, I love the "you-ness" of your work. No one can put fabric together like you. Happy New Year.

  6. Sew lovely, I admire each item:) Thank you for sharing and giving me inspiration:) Blessings, Jenna Louise

  7. just found your blog, thank goodness!

  8. oh my, you've been busy!!your craftsmanship is really spectacular.
    Love everything, but the potholder with all the gray around the little patchwork square is my fave :)

  9. Wonderful projects! I always love seeing your work and that looks like a great new tutorial on the way -- thank you!

  10. Pretty, pretty stuff! I love the potholders and can't wait to try some myself. I've never quilted patterns together so I'll have to give it a try. Your stitchwork is awesome! I love your blog too!

  11. Oh I just love seeing all your creations. Inspires me to get busy...

  12. Thanks so much, you are so sweet :) Looking forward making the puffy pouch myself! Congrats on the sales. You need another update!

  13. These items are wonderful! The pencil case is so pretty, great fabric choices. And I'm so exited for your new tutorial!

  14. Your projects are wonderful!!! Especially the puffy pouch! I know what you mean about selecting the fabric. I really don't have enough but it is very difficult for me to decide what fabrics to use in a quilt. I'm into crazy quilting and trying to pick fabrics for my granddaughter's quilt. Been working on it for a week and still have no idea. But when I do pick the fabrics, they are never as beautiful as those I see in your projects. I just love seeing what you've made. Have a great week!

  15. I've already ordered my flex frames. I can't wait to try your project.

  16. Once again you have outdone yourself! All of the items look just beautiful. You certainly have a great eye for fabric, & it certainly is your feature! Can;t wait to see what you have in stall for 2010~!

  17. Oh my, I want to comment on each of you lovely creations. Wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together and do just that. I guess we'll just have to share online instead.

    You've definitely started the year with a creative bang!

    BYW - Hubby has finally figured out that no matter how much embroidery thread I have, I will always be missing the perfect color for the latest project.

  18. Hi there! I just found your blog recently and am excited to add you to the list I follow! I just finished your Camera Case tutorial today. Thanks! I linked back to you on my blog, too. I love the puffy pouches and am excited to explore your blog further!

  19. oh wow, you really have been busy :) all your projects are lovely, especially the mini quilt and the puffy purses! great work :)

  20. just spent some time catching up with all your sewing and enjoying the sewing calender you contributed to. your work is of such high quality and the combinations of fabrics are just grogeous. happy new year, and thanks for the time you put into your work and blog.x bridget

  21. oh and there are flex frames here on the fab u-handbag site for the uk... but not in the 5 inche. the writer also has a tutorial for how to fit them... she is great!

  22. you can do it! Making a quilt is so satisfying and rewarding....
    happy new year, Roberta

  23. Looks really fantastic! Good luck

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