Sunday, December 27, 2009

A little tote for a little girl


Super quick post!
I was making a little tote for Joe's niece Sarah this morning.
Sarah came over to see what I was making and seemed to
like it almost immediately. She waited for it to be finished
on the table next to the sewing machine, and now it's hers!


Isn't she adorable?!

Thanks for coming and reading!!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope each and every single of you is having a great holiday.
Joe and I flew to up here in Washington a few days ago where Joe's folks live.
It has been really, really nice and relaxing days here.
It's much colder, as we expected, but feels so warm to be
around folks we missed so much. I really wouldn't mind
coming back to this state for living.


Now I can finally show what I had been up to before Christmas,
although most of you probably figured out what they were. haha.


I made lots and lots of these coasters. These ones turned out
nice because it's pretty obvious that it's a Christmas tree in a coaster.
Some of them turned out looking like poisonous mushrooms
because fabric I picked out was a little too far from the real colors of trees.


Like these..


But I really enjoyed paper-piecing these trees.


I spent so much time making them. A day before leaving for Seattle,
I made it a point to finish as much as possible so that whatever left
can be done without a sewing machine in Seattle, but when I finally
came to the point was at 4:30am and it was already time to get ready
to catch a flight, so I basically didn't sleep at all that night!
I was so super focused that I didn't even realize how fast time
was flying. I love it when I can be that focused and productive ;)


It's been so relaxing. Joe's nephew Mattie got Nintendo Wii
for his Christmas gift and pretty much we've been playing with that
all day long. I guess I'll work on some sewing projects and
make teriyaki for dinner for everyone. Fun time ;)

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for coming and reading!!

Note: Here is a pattern for the tree coasters.
The credit goes to whoever made a patchwork pattern
just like this in the Cotton Time magazine ;)


Sunday, December 20, 2009



Thank you so much for voting for the next tutorial
idea in my last post! Surprisingly, there are a lot more
of you than I expected who would like a tute without the use
of a flex frame, and some of you were nice to tell me that you
would like both tutes, one with the frame and the other without,
so I came to decide that I will do both!! I'm really excited
about writing up the tute!! But it would have to be either
at the end of this year or in January when I can have it
available here. I am one of you guys now who are scrambling
because of time running out for getting Christmas gifts!


I've made a quite few of something for Christmas but can't
really show them here until after Christmas; I don't want
to spoil the surprises ;) But I can show you this pincushion
that I made for a Christmas gift for my friend, since it's been
already given to her. She loves marvel colors, especially pink,
which makes it fun for me to come up with a design because
I LOVE working with pink fabric! The pink polka dots fabric
with the little chicks that I used for the top right corner
is what I found in Reprodepot and fell in love with.
I would say it's one of my fave stash now.. just so cute to look at!!


I can't really tell what I've been making but I can't
help giving you a sneak peak of what it is neither. hehe.


Oops, maybe that was a little too much. I hope the recipients
are too busy now to come to my blog. If you happen to come
here, please pretend you didn't and act surprised when you
find these in your stocking! ;)

Alright, time to get back to more sewing!

I hope you are all having a not too busy happy holiday season.

Thanks for coming and reading!!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fabric Basket Tute now Printable!

Hi all! Thank you for your sweet comments/e-mails.
I always love to hear from you!

One of the most requests I've had was to make the
fabric basket tutorial printable. Many of you have
told me how you had difficulties trying to print out the
post and asked me to make a PDF for it. And here it is!
I finally created a PDF for the fabric basket tutorial.

I'm sorry it took me ages to get this available for you.
I finally figured out how to convert a word document
into a pdf, (which was extremely simple by the way with
this website's help), so I am now more encouraged to make
my future tutorials available in PDFs!

Speaking of tutorials, several of you have given me
suggestions to make a tute for the puffy pouch I've
made recently. I would LOVE to make the tutorial except
that I am not sure if involving a flex frame is a good idea.
I've noticed that the more universal my tutorial is,
the more people enjoy creating items off of the tutorial,
which makes a lot of sense. I would rather make a tute
that everyone can enjoy without much trouble finding
materials, so I would like to ask you to vote now ;D

balls for Yui

I started getting busy making Christmas gifts
now that my finals are almost over! Woo hoo!
These are my third and fourth fabric balls
I've made this week. The first two were given to
Taihei, the boy I babysit, for his 2nd birthday.
I forgot to take pictures of them but I loved how
they turned out so much that I had to have a go at
making more and these are now on their ways to
my friend's baby girl in Japan.

balls for Yui

I stamped her name on the little balls, which
I think made the gifts more personal and special ;)
The tutorial I used was this one by
Tanya of Grand Revival Designs.
I love how simple and quick this project is, so I know
I'll be making more and more. haha.
(When I learn to make something easy and quick,
I can't go without making several at least.)

bath fizzy

And I made bath bombs using Christmas-themed
soap molds. I've made tons and tons of these
in the past and I just love how recipients are
always fascinated to try it out. These are going
to be for my friends I worked on a school project with.
I love gift-giving, because to me that is the best way
to show how much I appreciate how they are.

Bath Bombs are super easy to make and the tutorials
are everywhere online, and soap molds are available
in many online shops like this one as well!

Thanks for coming and reading!!