Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope each and every single of you is having a great holiday.
Joe and I flew to up here in Washington a few days ago where Joe's folks live.
It has been really, really nice and relaxing days here.
It's much colder, as we expected, but feels so warm to be
around folks we missed so much. I really wouldn't mind
coming back to this state for living.


Now I can finally show what I had been up to before Christmas,
although most of you probably figured out what they were. haha.


I made lots and lots of these coasters. These ones turned out
nice because it's pretty obvious that it's a Christmas tree in a coaster.
Some of them turned out looking like poisonous mushrooms
because fabric I picked out was a little too far from the real colors of trees.


Like these..


But I really enjoyed paper-piecing these trees.


I spent so much time making them. A day before leaving for Seattle,
I made it a point to finish as much as possible so that whatever left
can be done without a sewing machine in Seattle, but when I finally
came to the point was at 4:30am and it was already time to get ready
to catch a flight, so I basically didn't sleep at all that night!
I was so super focused that I didn't even realize how fast time
was flying. I love it when I can be that focused and productive ;)


It's been so relaxing. Joe's nephew Mattie got Nintendo Wii
for his Christmas gift and pretty much we've been playing with that
all day long. I guess I'll work on some sewing projects and
make teriyaki for dinner for everyone. Fun time ;)

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for coming and reading!!

Note: Here is a pattern for the tree coasters.
The credit goes to whoever made a patchwork pattern
just like this in the Cotton Time magazine ;)



  1. Merry Christmas!!

    I love your poisonous mushrooms :) I've gotten away from the traditional colors of Christmas so those appeal to me.

    My kids received new games for their Wii so that's what they are doing right now too. Keeps them occupied for a bit.

    Don't you just love when you can create non stop for long stretches of time? It feels so good.

    I love those christmas tree blocks, very original and awesome!

  3. Those coasters are adorable... A nintendo Wii? I don't do video games but I want one!!!! I think it would be fun!

  4. Love your christmas tree coasters.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Your tree coasters are fantastic and the colors perfect!

  6. Gorgeous coasters! Merry christmas and i hope it was bright and merry for you! Love to you!

  7. I love your coasters. Merry Christmas!


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