Sunday, September 27, 2009

Custom Order


Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted for so long.
I really missed updating this blog.

There are lots of things that have been
keeping me pretty busy and productive.
I like my life this way, but I have to admit
that I tremeduously miss spending time in
my sewing area and blogging with a cup of tea.

Some of you may feel the tea cozy above looks so familiar.
I know! I've made a tea cozy just like that one before!


I received a longest list of a custom order
and one of the handmade things requested is
a tea cozy that is just like this one that I
made a long time ago. Since some of the fabric
I used for this one is gone, I wasn't sure how
similar of a tea cozy I can manage to achieve,
but I think it came out just like a twin.


Using some scraps...


I have been working on some coasters
that match the tea cozy.


By the way, I was so thrilled to receive an e-mail
from the girl who snatched this skirt from my shop.
She was so nice to share with me some pictures of her
beautiful, adorable, daughter in the skirt. I was too
excited not to ask her permission to share with you guys
one of her pictures here. I don't mean to sound gushy but
I literally thought the skirt was meant to be hers, and
I felt blessed about the opportunities this sewing
blog world has brought for me.

Thanks for coming and reading!
Have a great Sunday!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lunch Bag & Coasters


Hi all! Hope you all had a great long weekend.
I went on a little trip down to Santa Cruz with
my friend last Saturday. Our main destination was
Hart's Fabric, a fabric store there
that I am truly in love with. I've explored lots of
fabric stores in America, but I think Hart's Fabric is
probably my favorite for its huge selection of modern fabrics.

It was my second time ever to stop by there, but
every time I go there, I spend at least 2 hours
looking through the great fabrics and notions they have.
This time, we spent roughly 3 hours which made one
of the clerks say "Are you still here?!" LOL.

To me, being at a nice fabric store is therapeutic.
(And I am sure some of you know what I mean!!!)
When I was living in Seattle, I was lucky enough to
live by a great fabric store called Pacific Fabrics.
It was like oasis where I escaped into when I got
overwhelmed with workloads from school. Being
surrounded by beautiful fabric and imagining
what I would create using the fabrics there
eased my stress level a big time and helped
me better focus on studying afterwords.

San Jose has got the best weather but there is
no fabric store in this city like 'dessert'..
I was overly excited at Hart's Fabric last weekend
and brought back a lot of fabric stashes ;)


On the way back, we stopped by BroadWalk in Santa Cruz,
and look what we found!! I had never seen a pelican
so up close like this before!!! There was a huge excited
crowd in front of him to take photos of him, making the
seagulls a little jealous.


"I am the king."

Lunch Bag

On that night, we had fun sewing up until 3am!
I was teaching my friend Victoria how to make this
lunch bag but I was so bad at giving instructions
that much of the time was spent with a seam ripper
rather than with the sewing machine.
(Sorry Victoria!!)

Victoria's unfinished lunch bag is still sitting
here, but I managed to finish up mine during the weekend.
I made this one for Joe and I think it turned
out very nice, very boyish.


I love this design because it makes this interesting
looking bottom and it comes out reversible.


I think Joe likes this side better because
it's more guy-friendly. Both fabrics are
from Hart's Fabric ;)

I used a ziplock plastic container to come up with
the pattern for the perfect fit. I was using only
the plastic container (the bottom part) to measure
but did not take the lid into consideration...


Oh my. That's right. I totally missed that part out!
This plastic container still does fit in the bag with
the lid, but it gets pretty tight. It's ok though,
because I think it is still good for sandwiches and
rice balls that I make for Joe's lunch every once a while.


Using scraps left over from the recent projects,
I made a set of 2 coasters which is in my shop now. I love
Kona Cotton of Charcoal color as much as natural linen.


Back sides are pretty cute too!

Thanks for coming and reading!!