Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i made a dress

I made this dress

Thanks for your loveliest comments guys!
I just love to hear from you all the time!

These days, I've been on crafting spree.
I am either at the sewing table or thinking
about what to make tonight, tomorrow, and the day
after tomorrow. When I get fired up at crafting like
this, I must make things I've been wanting to make.

So, here is the dress I had in my mind for a while,
which I finally got started yesterday and finished
within a few hours! wow! And guess what, I started
another project already which is almost done too!
(I'll show you what it is hopefully this Friday ;) )

Being productive invigorates my life!
It makes me feel like I can make EVERYTHING!!!!


Whether it looks good on me might be a different
story, but I really like how it turned out anyway.
The dress is made with quilting-weight cotton, so
it kinda looks like an apron. Next time I make a dress
for myself, I want to use polyester or linen
so that it will look more professional
and comfy to wear. Oh I can't wait to go to a fabric store now!

Thanks for coming and reading!


  1. the dress is pretty and you look lovely in it :)

  2. Your dress is really pretty and cute! Fabric shopping is always always fun! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. How pretty! I would like to start making my own clothes. Last winter I made a very simple skirt and just love wearing it knowing that I made it. Congratulations! Looking forward to see what other clothes you make.

  4. I love this little number!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Good the fabric around the botton!

  6. I love the purple and yellow together and it looks perfect for summer weather. Great job!

  7. I think the dress looks beautiful on you very cute!

  8. the dress looks great and professional! well done

  9. This dress is amazing, you can do any craft at all, try out for Project Runway!

  10. The dress is super cute! I love the yellow accent in the bottom :) I cannot wait to see another version.

  11. This is a huge success - the dress is adorable but I also love the mirror-pic....

  12. cute dress!

    thanks for putting me on your inspiration list!!!

  13. Such a sweet dress and you do look brilliant in it!

  14. The dress is absolutely adorable!

  15. You look very pretty - it's a fab dress - well done!

  16. I think the dress came out adorable in cotton! I know what you mean about dress fabrics though, that would be really nice! Job well done.

  17. GREAT GREAT job! It's beautiful! So sweet and perfect.


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