Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Warmest Gift

The warmest gift - Quilt by Kim

Hi all! How's it going? Are you getting ready for Christmas? Busy with
Last minute shopping just like those huge crowds in the mall?
I'm happy that I got done with the Fall semester and
Christmas shopping, and all the Christmas gifts have been sent. yes!
Now it's time for me to get back to the blogging world.
Blogging blogging blogging.. Gosh I just love blogging!!!
I love spending time on my computer with a cup of pomegranate
tea that I've been liking a lot with no worry whatsoever about
school stuff. So relaxing. I love this moment.

The warmest gift - Quilt by Kim

Oh so let me brag about something....!
This quilt arrived in mail in Christmas wrapping about 5
days ago. It was from Kim, my American mom. I can't even describe
how much it pleased me, seriously! I love EVERYTHING about this
quilt. The pattern, the colors, the fabric she used..literally
everything about this quilt are so cheerful and I think it is
sooooo beautiful!!

The warmest gift - Quilt by Kim

But what I'm the most appreciative for is Kim's sweetest thought
to work on such a big quilt for me. She was the first person who
helped me get into quilting. I started loving the hobby but
I never owned any quilt. I've seen millions of quilts in the blogsphere
and some in person but I never had one that I can call "mine!"
When I opened up the gift from Kim and found out that it was
a quilt, my heart was penetratingly filled with warmth.

The warmest gift - Quilt by Kim

I know what it takes to sew something for somebody else.
You need to think what kinds of colors/patterns the receiver of
the gift likes. You need to spend lots and lots of energy and
time working on the project. Well, I can't sound like I know
for sure, because I've ever made such a big quilt before.
Kim knows a lot about me. She knows I like textile fabric and
bold colors. I was a little teary when I held the quilt, feeling
the warmth of Kim. Is this what "a quilt" can do? Making
people so happy like this? Oh my.. now I am really in love
with quilts. Quilts rock!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much, Kim!!

Let me now share with you a few pictures from last Thanksgiving
which we spent in Yakima/Seattle.

Joe and his nephew Sarah

Our first time to meet Sarah, Joe's niece.
"hmmm... who's this guy.. some what like Daddy
but not really..." Sarah often gazed at Joe as if
she had something to ask him. She is incredibly cute.


Here comes Mattie, Joe's nephew.
We missed him so much. I can't believe he is soon turning
seven. The first time I met him was when he was a
little toddler - 2 year old. His growth is a great indicator
of how long Joe and I've been together. Almost 5 years!!

Fabric Basket by Kim

This is another creation by Kim. She's made this for her mom,
Barbara. I had a big smile when I discovered it ;)

Birdies by Kim

Kim made these birds mobile too, out of Japanese fabric
I'd got for her from Japan. By now they must be hanging on
a Christmas tree there. Aren't these cute ornaments?

penguin quilt in progress

I know this posting is getting long, but let me just quickly
talk a little about my crafting plans. I think I can finally
finish up this penguin quilt now that I have time to sew.
At first I thought dark pink binding would work great for this,
but now I am leaning towards dark blue, meaning that I have to
re-make the binding..!

penguin quilt in progress

I can't wait to see it done though. It will be my first quilt!

quilt in progress

This is another quilt I started a while ago. There is this cutest
little boy I babysit. His name in a mini quilt. I thought it would
be a great gift for his 1 year old B-day, but I couldn't make it.
Then I was hoping that it could be a Christmas gift. Nope, not enough
time. I guess it will be a new year gift or something.
I hope it will turn nice...Wish me luck!!!

So.. my crafting plans for this vacation include lots of projects.
First of all, I really have to make soap! I was once into soapmaking
and many of my friends who saw how much soap I had suggested that I
would never run out of soap in my life. And I believed them, but
I am out of it. I don't like using store-bought soap that much.

Besides the two quilts, I also want to make a camera strap,
a tote bag, a plastic bag dispenser with vintage fabric,
and ... and... and..... you name it. I have lots I want to make. as usual.

Let me apologize in advance if I happen not to include
a link to your posting where you have updated photos of
your creations based on my tutorials. I was really busy
studying for finals and I became disorganized :(

Check out...

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Camera Case by tanyBUG!

Thanks for using my tutes, guys!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. You are such a beautiful seamstress. Your work is so nicely done and I love the tutorials. I will get around to making something after the holidays.

    The Dick and Jane quilt is so fun! I read those books as a new reader in the late 60s.

    Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are great also!

  2. Kim did such a great job! I know she must so proud of your quilting - your penguin quilt looks amazing! - and it must be neat to share a love of sewing with her!

  3. beautiful gift! aren't handmade gifts the best!!!
    lovin' the penguin quilt...can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. oh so gorgeous...
    just made a bigger "basket" bag for my mum for that tutorial...

  5. What a beautiful gift to receive.
    And all your work is lovely too.
    Happy holidays.

  6. Yay! Welcome back!

    What a great, cheerful and relaxed post. And what a fantastic quilt, you are so lucky! I know you'll treasure it for the rest of your life... that's the beauty of handmade gifts!

    Happy holidays from Portugal!

  7. What a wonderful gift you received! I love Dick and Jane. The quilt you're making is beautiful and I know you'll be thrilled with the finish. Happiest of Holidays to you.

  8. How beautiful! The Kim quilt and all the rest of it. :) I have such admiration for you skilled seamstresses.

    Warm wishes!

  9. Yes, that is EXACTLY what a quilt is! Perfectly described! Happy Holidays!

  10. Made, and gave a taller version of the fabric basket to my daughter's teacher. I made it to fit a tall candle. For her dance teacher, I made a reversible drawstring bag and put a small candle inside.

    So glad to see you back. I miss your projects! :)

  11. Oh and the quilt is amazing! What a wonderful gift :)

  12. Can't wait to see the penguin quilt, either binding would look gorgeous I'm sure! And look how perfect that block is for the baby's quilt! You are so super talented!

  13. what a gorgeous quilt to receive as a gift! lucky you!!!

  14. what a gorgeous quilt! you are a lucky girl! and your quilt is going to be amazing.

    love your blog and just want to wish you a very happy christmas.


  15. Wauw you lucky girl... What a great quilt you recived from your mom! Beautiful.
    And from what to see, your own pinguin quilt is gonna be beautiful!
    For now I wanna wish you a merry christmas. Hope you're gonna have a great time...

  16. It's a wonderful and cozy gift! I truly love too the basket. I think I'm gonna make some for my friends, specially for the crocheters and knitters, lol...

  17. Beautiful quilt!! I just love Dick and Jane, I bought similar fabric when I was up north visiting.

  18. The quilt is fantastic! Lucky girl!

  19. Thank you for such a great tutorial!!! ;)
    The quilt is incredible! How fun to have that arrive at your doorstep!


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