Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stylish Pen Case

98% done! I came up with this idea of a little pen case last week and had to try to see if it works, and YES! It did work so good that I am proudly going to write a tutorial on it (tomorrow!);) I just have to cover up the both ends of the zipper with fabric and photoshop a bunch of pictures of the process!

This is sort of a reproduction of my past 2 crafts combined.



Do you see it? I didn't mean to do this at all, but I guess I really like these colors and styles that the pen case naturally turned kinda similar. Interesting, I thought!

This is the pen case I made a long time ago. Probably this is one of the items I've made the most use of among all the things I've created, just because being a student I always need to carry something to write with me! But I am ready to move on to the new pen case now. New one is a little more modest and calm. I need the feeling!


Yay! I have two more fantastic fabric baskets to share with you guys!!

heartFabric basket by Snowlet

heartFabric basket by Jane

These are so nice, aren't they?!
Thanks for using my tute and sharing your beautiful crafts with us;)


  1. Wow, that's such a unique shape, too! ^__^ I thought the ends were triangles at first, but they're not! ^^; Looking forward to the tutorial, thanks in advance! C=

  2. Can't wait for the tutorial. I am a student also and am always digging around the bottom of my bag for something to write with.
    Maybe I will be able to do it?!!

  3. Hi Ayumi,
    I'm back to anonymous again. I can't seem to get My user name to work after the first time.
    I like your pencil bag. I think it would also be the perfect size and shape for a travel bag for personal items, cosmetics and things. It would fit well at the edge of a suitcase.
    I like looking at the other baskets people have been making, Thanks for including them here, but I like the one you made for me the best.
    Have a good week, Sweetie.
    Love, Kim

  4. Yay, I am so excited for this tutorial...I think I may have more success in trying this than the fabric basket (although the basket is lovely, smaller is better for me). Such beautiful fabric you chose, well done!

  5. Oh, I like that a LOT!!! Can't wait for the tutorial. I cut out a fabric basket tonight. Will let you know when I get it made and will post a picture over at my blog!

  6. Oh, I could totally just eat that up it's so yummy!!! I love the shape, and the strips of fabric paired with the solid gray.

  7. Aneesah-

    Hello! Yeah, I was gonna make the side parts triangle but then thought it might look more interesting if it becomes a triangle when it's closed. Also, I think it's easy to use and make too this way;)


    Hello! How's it going? I know we need a pen case for sure, don't we? I'm sure you can make this one too! Try!


    Thanks for your ALWAYS sweet comment, Kim! You are right! This can be a case for cosmetics and other stuff too because it's got soft, cozy batting in it! I love the pen case so much that I know I'll make more! I like looking at other crafters' baskets too! It's so much fun to see what they can come up with;) I'm glad to hear you like your the most! Yay!

    Shimmy Shake-

    Hello!Did you know the fabric basket is really small? I like working on small stuff too! Thanks for your nice comment on the pen case;)


    Oh I can't wait to see your fabric basket!! I have to check your blog often! Thanks;)


    Hello! I like the strip part too.I tend to pick up the fabrics that are just like these in color so I have a ton of them to choose from!
    I hope you'll like the new tute and make many pen cases;)




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