Saturday, June 21, 2008

San Francisco

Looking through all the pictures I've taken after moving to this sunshine state makes me realize that my heart belongs to San Francisco deeply. I find the city to be the most beautiful, interesting, attractive place I've ever been to in my entire life. Every time I go there, there are always fun discoveries waiting for me and I know it will keep entertaining me forever with much more new attractions. San Francisco is like a mix of Seattle and Tokyo. Nice breeze from the near ocean and the atmosphere of 'freedom' makes me think of Seattle and the unlimited attraction and lots of people on the streets and in subways remind me of Tokyo. I love these places so that San Francisco is like my treasure city where lots of my favorite things being squeezed into. Anyway, I spent all day there yesterday with my friends and am going to share some pics here!

It was so nice to go there with someone who knows a lot about San Francisco. The crazy transportation system there always bums me out, but with the girl who goes to school there, I was pretty much just following with an empty head, throughly relying on her just like Joe in Japan with me. The first place we headed out was Haight street. It was a really nice shopping area!

I found this Discount Fabric store there! I always feel hesitant to stop by fabric stores when I'm with friends who are not into sewing but it was irresistible this time..and I got some inexpensive fabrics! Yay!

Not much use of ribbons in my crafting spree usually, but I love looking at ribbons and grabbing some when I see super cute ones.

And on my goodness. I found another fabric store near by! These many kinds of oil cloth I'd never seen drove me nut and I got 4 kinds of them. What do I make for these? Place matts, coasters and lunch bags are the only options so far. Any suggestions?

We stopped by Buffalo Exchange, a used clothing store with vintage taste. I fell in love with these shoes, but they are so big for me that I bought different pair of shoes.

Lunch at CHA CHA CHA. It was an extremely delicious meal especially...

this desert: homemade flan. I LOOOOOOOVED it!! Remembering the taste makes me drool. I'm going to look for a recipe online and will make it tonight!!

First time at Castro street! My friend in Texas who's coming to visit me next month wants to go to this place, so it was cool to learn how to get there and look around.

I sure would love to live in San Francisco. I don't even mind staying there for decades! I'm so jealous walking around beautiful houses there.

And this is the place I was dying to go. Thrift town! I can't even describe how much excitement I feel from exploring a new thrift store. This place had a really good linen section, in which I usually spend 80% of my time at a secondhand store. Yes! I got many goodies!! Tomorrow I'll be back with pics of my recent thrifted items and (finally/hopefully) a grocery sack that I am finishing up.

It's 95 degrees here. It's been a scorcher..!
Have a great weekend, guys!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I could have spent a lot of time and a lot of money in those fabric stores! Flan is delicious. Not hard to make either. I posted a picture of a couple of pen cases I made - I like that pattern! And also another basket. :)

  2. mamalife-

    Thanks so much for making those! So far your pen cases are the only ones I've seen and I really appreciate you making them and letting me know. Thanks;)

  3. I only visited San Francisco once, a few years ago but I really enjoyed it, especially the weather. I like overcast skies and some rain. Maybe I should move to Seattle?

  4. Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) What a FUN day in the city! Thrift town sounds really exciting -- I gotta check it out sometime.

  5. I've been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it--thank you! I had to comment about SF....I lived there for five years (while I commuted to East San Jose!) and the Mission was my favorite thrift stomping. Besides Thrift Town (of which there is an awesome one in San Leandro and one of my regular weekly stops), there's Community Thrift just around the corner on 16th St. They have awesome vintage clothes. And if you've never been to SCRAP (do a web search) you'll have to write that on the list. So much to explore in SF!!

  6. Thanks for your comments!

    Yeah, if you like that kind of weather, Seattle would be a good option though it gets quite cold in winter..!

    Thrift Town was a nice shop! Do you know good thrift stores around here? I don't enjoy the goodwill around here. They're boring. Savers are really good though!

    Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok..!!!! My heart was beating while I was reading your comment! Thanks a million for this great info!! I just need someone to tell me where is the places I should check out, you know, because I'm new to Cal state. I'm definitely going to check out the thrift stores and maybe write about all the stores here..? Exciting!!!
    Thanks again!

  7. Well, I'm jealous, it's been a long time since I've been to SF. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and good to have someone with you who knows the city. What a fun and interesting place! We use to live in Sacramento and when we had to move I was hoping for SF, but it didn't work out that way.

  8. Billie-

    Thanks for your comment!
    I know! SF is just super awesome and I had a fun day there. I was hoping that I would move to SF too. San Jose is boring compared to the big city.

  9. HI, thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I came across this link in my inbox and remembered your question about oilcloth. Anyways just another idea fo you!

    P.S. love your placemat!

  10. Ayumills, Could you say me where you found the "discount fabric" shop??? I'll go to San Francisco in august... thanks! And sorry, my english is veeeery bad... ;)

  11. Thanks for your sweet comments!

    Shimmy Shake-
    I spent a lot of time looking for interesting projects with oilcloth on Martha Stewart's site. Oh my! There are a lot!! Thanks for your suggestion! I think I really like the pocket knives! Would be good for gifts too!

    Your English is great, Lua!
    I just put the link to the word "Discount Fabrics" on this posting so that you can now click and jump to the website. It was a good fabric store;)

  12. HI, I don't know if you like to make little picnics or if you have kids but I have found so helpful to make oilcloth case to put cookies, fruit, etc... in my bag and have it ready to eat wherever! Hope you'll find it helpful

  13. I wonder how much the fabric in San Fransisco is in comparison to the LA fashion district fabric.


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