Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My sewing space...

My creation

You know how some great seamstresses are not only talented in creating things but also in decorating their sewing spaces/studios absolutely beautifully like these. These spaces make me sigh. I'm sure being in a sewing studio like these would make me feel constantly inspired and stimulate my right hemisphere where my creativity comes from.

Ok, I'm going to embarrass myself now.
Are you by any chance curious how my sewing space looks like?
Are you sure you really wanna see it?
Well.. OK there you go................



Do I even need a verbal explanation? I let the picture itself explain. Yes, Yes, I know that. I do have to renovate this space!!! This is a legitimate statement! I'm gonna be done with this semester tomorrow, so one of my "To-do-List for this summer" includes "Spicing up my sewing space." Hopefully, I can impress you guys with a big change later! Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your sewing space is so much more awesome than my non-existent one lol! If storage is an issue, I read somewhere that fabric folds up nicely around those cardboard things they use to keep comic books flat when they are in the bags (or you could make your own!). A blank canvas is an awesome thing to work with, and I am sure that it will be just as awesome as the things you've been sewing!

  2. I bet it would mack a big difference if you had some art on the wall on either side, or maybe put a book case or something where your table is, and put your table against the book case.

  3. heehee :) the stuff that comes out of the space is much more important than the space itself... and it seems like you are making some great stuff :)

  4. That's pretty cool, love the white :) Well, mine's the dining room table to my husband's horror, LOL!

    Maybe you can put some cool shelves with nice baskets or containers to hold your supplies or what Joe said - to put up some colorful artwork. Both can be done relatively inexpensively.

  5. Knittinandnoodlin, joe, lin, alpa-

    Thanks so much for your great idea contributions! You sure helped me be more creative in deciding how to decorate! Thanks a lot! I'll put up a picture of my space changed sometime in the near future!

  6. I bet we all giggle a little knowing it on to do list fix up our craft space. Going on my second year of fixing up my room small but it getting there.It's been the biggest job i have ever made.But going to look ok when done ,not a show case but where i can walk to a place to do my crafts and art. I did have to giggle for give me less you can see the table. hugs

  7. I had a similar space, although it was a bit decorated because it is the corner of my bedroom. I got an IKEA Billy bookcase and put my stuff in baskets and the difference is amazing! Not, professional amazing mind you, but regular mortal amazing.

  8. you are so funny showing us your sewing area...you at least have good lighting!. I have a craft room, but only for scrapbooking..not big enough for sewing!!! Welll it sounds like your time to shine & make some crafts for your room...Julia

  9. ginger, jane, julia-

    Thanks sooo much for your comments and ideas for my sewing space! I can't wait to make the space prettier and show the result to you guys..

  10. Well I was very very jealous for a second until I read a little further. I thought wow no wonder she makes all these great things look at her space! I'm sure yours will look just as pretty and inspiring when you are finished with it.

  11. Your sewing space is much better than mine. Mine is on the kitchen table when it is not used for anything else.

    I love your blog and I am going to try to make the basket by following your tutorials.

  12. Cindy and Nan-

    Thanks for your comments;) I don't think my sewing space will be as good as those absolutely outstanding ones, but I'll try my best!!

  13. This post made me smile. :)

  14. Jennifer-

    Thanks for your comment!
    I got a new table for my sewing machine and I've been working on the decoration;)

  15. oh my God, marvelous that i can only say,


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