Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 15


Thank you all for your such kind comments and emails about my little news :) I want to show you our baby's very first handmade gift! The lovely Leila whipped it up for him/her! How cute is it??? I can't begin to tell how much of a joy it is to look at this and imagine putting it on the baby! Thank you so very much Leila!!


Everything is progressing fine so far, and I am on my 15th week now. I am due July 6th, so I have 171 days to go until our little one pops out to join this family. Both Joe and I are so excited about our first baby. We talk about him/her everyday; in fact, we had started talking about our baby several years before this one began growing in my belly! We hope to figure out the sex of the baby soon. I have no preference on this whatsoever. If Mikan (a temporary nickname for the baby) is a girl, I will have a lot of fun sewing cute things for her with lovely fabrics. If Mikan is a boy, then I guess I will know what my friends mean by "it's like having a little boyfriend." Joe seems to lean toward a girl but that's only because we just saw my cousin's newborn baby girl who was just the most darling one.


My concern now is my weight gain. I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight. Over 10 pounds (5 kg)!!! No, it's not normal. According to my doctor, I am supposed to gain 1 pound per month. It has most definitely not been 10 months since I got pregnant. *sigh..* My appetite scares me. Food tastes SO good now I can't stop eating throughout the day. Sometimes I catch Joe looking wide-eyed at how much I am eating. And I can't do a lot of exercise because my tummy slightly hurts lately. So my daily routine is like 'eat, eat, eat, nap, eat, eat, eat, sleep'. lol.


My queasiness comes and goes from time to time, but it has become much much less frequent. I tell myself everyday, "I am doing better than yesterday and I will be completely back to normal today," hoping that it will actually be true. I think I am on the mend finally though. My lost crafting mojo is coming back slowly, which I know so because I found myself browsing fabric online today. That didn't happen for a LONG time! Sewing/fabric had been the last thing on my mind for so long. I'll see if I can feel different if I jump onto some small project soon. Oh and I will be sure to have my new patterns for Super Penguin QAL next month! (Thank you for your patience!!)

I have been extremely awful at replying to comments and emails. I really hope I have replied everyone by now, but if any of you sent me a email with questions and I didn't reply, I am terribly sorry about that. Now that I am much better and being on my computer doesn't make me feel nauseated, I promise to get much better at this. Thank you for your patience and understanding, my friends!