Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The winner!

Thank you for entering the giveaway for Laurie's Don't Be Crabby fat quarter bundle last week! I am not surprised so many of you wanted it! It is a truly cute fabric line! Luckily, there are many fabric stores that carry her fabrics, so even if you didn't win this bundle, you will definitely have a chance to score them in your local shop or any major online fabric stores once it starts shipping in December!
The random number generator helped me pick a number as usual.

The lucky 262th entry was Katie of My Sandbox!

Congratulations, Katie! I will contact you shortly!

Oh, I have had very many people asking me about the pattern of the bag I made with Don't Be Crabby. I made the pattern, inspired by a similar bag I saw at a store. (The original inspiration was a manufactured bag of a different size. It was not patchwork or of this small size so it could be used as a basket. In the end my bag came out very different from it.)

Patchwork Bag for Kerry ;)

This is also a bag I made using the same pattern (except for the patchwork layout on the exterior.) This was for my sweet friend Kerry who had her birthday in September. To me, a combination of orange and aqua is so Kerry and I have wanted to make something for her using the combo.

Patchwork Bag for Kerry ;)

It was truly fun to combine fabrics I know she likes and some fabrics she had shared with me in the past. It is always nerve-wracking to make something for someone who you know can make a much better thing, but somehow I don't feel nervous making anything for Kerry. It's probably because she is so kind and forgiving. I just knew she would appreciate it even if she could make a much cuter bag effortlessly!

I hope you have a Happy Halloween wherever you are!!

P.S. November blocks for Super Penguin Quilt Along will be a few weeks late! Since many of you must be busy sewing up a storm in anticipation of the holidays, I am hoping to design some easy and quick blocks for November!
Thank you for all of you who have made any of the SP blocks ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't Be Crabby Bag + Giveaway!

Don't Be Crabby Bag

The lovely Laurie Wisbrun, the fabric designer for Robert Kaufman, was so kind to send me a fat quarter bundle of her newest fabric line, Don't Be Crabby which will be released in December 2012. Her fabrics are so popular in Japan! I come across her cute fabrics everywhere just like I used to see them all the time back when I was in the US! Laurie's fabrics are just so irresistibly cute and this line is no exception ;)

I had several ideas of projects for these fabrics, but I ended up with this bag. I was able to use all the 10 different fabrics for it!

Don't Be Crabby Bag

Here is the other side of the same bag.

Don't Be Crabby Bag

And here is the bottom!

Don't Be Crabby Giveaway!

It will be a birthday gift for a two-year-old I used to babysit. The bag is filled with lots of goodies and is going to fly across the ocean soon! Not sure if he remembers me (probably not!), but he'll definitely enjoy seeing the sea animals on his bag! And it makes 'me' feel good to be able to make something to show him how much he is cared for by us.

Don't Be Crabby Bag

Now, time for a giveaway :D Laurie has allowed me to give away her Don't Be Crabby fat quarter bundle to one of you! For your chance to win the bundle, please leave one comment on this post by October 29, Monday! Good luck ;)

Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Bake! ~ October blocks for SP QAL~

SP QAL October Blocks ~ Let's Bake! ~

It is the time of the month again! I have a new set of blocks
for the Super Penguin Quilt Along! This month, we've got
a chocolate bar, a baking set, and a kitchen scale!
It is available here through superbuzzy!

Chocolate Bar
A chocolate bar! This is such a fun block to make!
Not a big fan of milk chocolate or brown fabric in general?
Then maybe you can make it white, strawberry, or even greentea
chocolate or possibly a combination of all yummy colors!? You are the chef!

Baking set
A baking set! One thing I am very pleased about this block is ease!
It may look a bit complicated at first, but actually it consists of
only two sections - top and bottom, which makes the whole
process pretty easy and quick.

Kitchen Scale
A kitchen scale! This one is easy peasy and beginner-friendly!
This too consists of only two sections, top and bottom,
so it comes together pretty quick!

Each of these measures 7 1/2”W x 7”H finished = a perfect size for
a potholder if you want to turn one block into it!

SP QAL quilt so far ;)

Here is how all my QAL blocks look like together so far!
All the patterns are available at superbuzzy here!

I hope you'll have fun playing with the patterns and
share your progress in this flickr group ;)

Completely off the topic, but my in-laws will be in town
next week! Eeeek! This is going to be their very first time to
visit Japan and both Joe and I are so excited about showing them
around Japan! So exciting!

Have a great weekend, friends!