Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Japanese Fabric

Japanese fabric

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting in so long!
Simply one word to excuse: Busy.

I haven't had much time to get crafty for quite a while,
but I wanted to show my new Japanese fabric stash
little quick before I fly over to Yakima in Washington.

I bought some Japanese fabric online and my friend brought
it with her when she came over here in San Jose from Japan.

Japanese fabric

This is what I got from Japanese Yahoo auction.
A set of white and orange with the same pattern.
When I saw this entry, I knew there would be no way
whatsoever to let it go. Then I happened to win it ;)
This is by a fabric designer Kumiko Fujita who's
written AWESOME patchwork books including this.

Japanese fabric

I love this design too. Can you believe this was on sale?
Plastic bag dispenser? Oven mitt? Place mat?
Anything would be cute.....

Japanese fabric

This is a very nice one by Yuwa.
I wanted to show you all the fabric, but not all
pictures turned out great, so let me stop at this moment.

Some Good News... ;)

1) I'm having fun with my friend from Japan!

Santana row

I took her to Anthropologie in San Jose yesterday.
It's one of my favorite shops in America (although it does
not mean I can afford lots of things sadly, haha.)


My friend loving the cute collection of oven mitts and aprons.
Every time I come here, I get inspired so much that I always
feel like going home asap to have a go at sewing!
For whoever designs for this shop, I give a huge credit
and many thanks for the inspiration.

2) Some of my tutorials will be introduced in
2010 calenders published by Accord Publishing!

I'm sure you've seen this type of calenders if you live
in the states. There will be "sewing" version coming up and
three tutorials of mine which I've introduced in this blog will be
on the 2010 calender! Super Excited. Super!!!

3) I bought a new camera: Nikon D40!

I was ready to move onto a new camera a year and a half ago
when I dropped my old one on concrete and its display light
stopped working. So glad now that I got a new one which is
a million times better in quality of pictures. (Can you tell
from these pictures on this entry? ;) )

4) My fall semester will be over in just 3 weeks!!

Can't wait to put away all the textbooks and enjoy sewing
without "guilt". Yes! I have to finish up the penguin quilt!!

Sure I do have links to cool baskets as usual!

Check out the fabric baskets by Luckeyone, pamelafingerle,
Norma, Julia, Sooz, Janellybelly, +++N+++, Susan,
Wendy, birdy's originals, kathy, Anya, Caco, Donna,
craftscout, and Robyn!

A Patchwork Bag by sewtobed,

A camera case by Bree!

Thanks so much for using my tutes!!

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have only been to anthropologie once, because they don't exist in the UK, but it is such a great store, I could have bought it all!

    Those new fabrics are amazing - I love them all!

    Congratulations on the calendar - that is wonderful news, and well deserved!

  2. I love the Swedish kitchen fabric, havn't seen that before.
    Happy thanksgiving! :)

  3. Love your new fabric. Your tutorials are great and I am delighted that I found your blog. I am bag challenged, so pictures work well for me.

  4. Hey! Congratulations on getting included in a calendar! That is wonderful news!

    Those fabrics are beautiful!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. I love-love-love all the fabric. I'm excited to hear about the calendar, too. Enjoy your trip to Washington, I use to spend Thanksgivings near Yakima every year as a kid.

  6. Wow, the fabrics are gorgeous!! Just wanted to thank you for your 'basket' tutorial ... I made my first one recently and it turned out a treat, I'll be making more for sure :o)!!!
    Thanks again,
    Joy :o)

  7. I have a Nikon D40 and it is a brilliant camera. Good picture quality. Lovely fabric, lucky you.

  8. You bought the same camera as I bought half a year ago. It's a great one! Good choice!!!!
    Love ALL your new fabrics. They are perfect. Curious for your new patchwork!

  9. Congrats on the new camera! I have the same one and LOVE it... you'll have a blast too I'm sure!

  10. I'm sooooo jealous of all those wonderful japanese fabrics! Can't to see what you make!

  11. I love Santana row, and especially anthropologie! So much fun and so many great ideas.

    Congratulations on the calendar! I love your blog, so I know your calendar will be a huge success!

  12. Hi there!
    I've been an avid reader of your blog for a little while now {since early, time flies ;o)}. I love your blog & the great tutorials you write...
    Now I finally managed to sew some of your sweet fabric baskets for friends {of course I only photographed one of it...}. Thank you again for sharing this with us!
    Cheers, Julia

  13. Your blog is lovely. I visit it almost every day. Thanks also from the instructions which you have made for as.

  14. wow .. thats a beautiful color ..nice see it..

  15. I LOVE the Swedish fabric! It would be just perfect for me. Where did you buy it?

  16. You are such an inspiration i just love your blog and your tuts. Will surely try them out once i learn how to sew :)

    The fabric is gorgeous!!

    Congrats on the calendar and i hope you Japanese had fun

  17. Oi , gosto muito do teu blog, eu tb tenho um blog,visite-me,beijo.

  18. I was having a hard time getting your blog addy from the chat this morning, but I guess I got it. I'll have fun reading your blog.


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